new shirt alert: the going to brazil line


WSOTP - Twitter - USMNT 2014 Shirt Preview.fw

I’m a little ashamed to admit this, but it wasn’t until around a month ago that it dawned on me that I didn’t have a single design in my stable of shirts in the WSOTP Shop that paid tribute to the US Men’s National Team. And with this summer’s World Cup just around the corner, that seemed almost criminal.

So earlier in this week, I dropped a teaser for a design that I’ve been working on for the last week or so that I think is suitable to fill the gap… and it’s spawned much more than I could have ever imagined!

The design I settled on: one that featured the name of every man that coach Jurgen Klinsmann gave a cap to in the lead up to Brazil 2014, neatly arranged into the shape of the country they’ll aim to represent in South America this June. Interest in the shirt has been through the roof, as my email inbox and mentions on Twitter have been spilling over the brim, all of them wanting to know, “Where can I buy that shirt?!?!”

Well I’m happy to report that it’s available right freaking now in the WSOTP Shop! I’ve also included it in two other colors aside from the original red, with heather grey and white joining the fray. And my good friends at have generously given us a limited time $5 discount… so you can nab this shirt now for just twenty bucks! So be sure to jump over and buy your’s now…

WSOTP - Blog - USMNT 2014 Light Shirts.fw

But that’s not all, my friends. In addition to all of the positive feedback I’ve gotten for the American-inspired design, I’ve also had loads of requests to come up with designs for other countries playing in Brazil this summer, too. So I’ve got a number of teams already in the works: Germany, Spain, England, Italy and hosts Brazil… thus forming my first ever “line” of shirts! If there’s sufficient interest in other teams, I’ll be willing to make one for them, too. Be sure to watch this space and follow me at @wrongsideofpond for updates on the next countries to be added.

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one small step for man, one giant leap for WSOTP


Wrong Side of the Pond... commentating a game near you.

Looking back over what has become a nearly been a five year endeavor, Wrong Side of the Pond has come a long way from its humble beginnings.

Originally, it was nothing more than a way for me to pass the time while living in a new town. And I can easily say that I would have never imagined at the time that my blog would grow to have well over a thousand Twitter followers or nearly five hundred Facebook likes. And to see it evolve to become a resource for people to find a place to watch and share beers with fellow supporters, have it gain me media credentials at MLS stadiums around the country, or co-host a weekly podcast? Well, that’s just mind-blowing.

However I’d also be lying if I said that, deep down, I didn’t have dreams of it some day becoming more.

I’ve always had a desire to somehow stay involved with the game I grew up with and that gave so much to me. Yeah, I still play regularly. But as my fitness and athleticism fade with age, sharing all of the knowledge I’ve picked up over the years of playing and studying soccer seemed like the logical next step. There have definitely been some lucky breaks here and there, too. Bundle all of that with a desire to create and share, and maybe the blog and its growth makes a bit more sense after all.

So with all of that in mind, today, I’m pleased to announce the next very exciting stage in the site’s evolution…

WSOTP - Blog - Cincy Saints Announcement 2.fw

Wrong Side of the Pond will be partnering with the Cincinnati Saints for the upcoming National Premier Soccer League season and beyond!

Specifically, my fellow WSOTP Podcast co-host Jeremy Lance and I will provide the official live match commentary for all home broadcasts for the Saints’ 2014 NPSL campaign. In addition to calling the matches at Over-the-Rhine’s Stargel Stadium, we’ll also provide pre-game, half time and post-match analysis and content alongside sideline reporter Amy Hellkamp. More information about broadcast availability will be forthcoming, but for the time being, every home match will at least be available via a free live stream on YouTube — which I’ll be adding as a link in the sidebar prior to the season.

Furthermore, we will also be working together on a number of marketing endeavors to help further exposure of both the Saints and WSOTP. Exciting things are already in the works, so keep your eyes on this space for further updates in the weeks to come.

In short, I’m extremely grateful for the opportunity and I know we’re all excited to see where things go from here. Many thanks to everyone who’s supported us along the way, and we look forward to cheering on the Saints with you in the summer!

The Saints will be embarking on their inaugural season in the National Premier Soccer League (NPSL), a semi-professional soccer league in the fourth tier of the American soccer pyramid. Founded in 2009, the Saints organization also features a men’s indoor side — competing tomorrow in the Professional American Soccer League (PASL) playoffs — as well as women’s indoor and outdoor sides, too. For outdoor matches, the black and blue will call Taft High School’s Stargel Stadium near downtown Cincinnati home. The first home match of the season will kick off at 7:30pm on Friday, May 23rd. Click here to see a schedule of matches.

If you want to read the full press announcement on the Cincinnati Saints’ website, feel free to click here.

the WSOTP x Campo Retro cheer up a spur holiday giveaway

With it being the holiday season and all, despite Tottenham being in complete and utter turmoil, I have to admit I’m still feeling the holiday spirit. I know not all of my fellow Spurs supporters are feeling so festive, the gloom dimming all of the bright holiday lights. So I thought I’d do something to help improve the mood.

WSOTP has teamed up with retro-kit makers Campo Retro to offer Spurs supporters the world-over an opportunity to win a free customized retro Tottenham Hotspur shirt!

Campo Retro Tottenham Giveaway

Whether you want to Ossie Ardilles shirt from 1978, a 1983 Glen Hoddle shirt or a shirt of your choosing with your own name across the back, this is your chance to take home some old school Spurs’ threads for free! Campo Retro has a wide range of Spurs retro shirts available among their collection of classic shirts and track jackets ranging back from 1962 to 1991 for a wide variety of clubs and national teams.

And unlike some of my prior competitions on WSOTP, there is no geographic restriction for this giveaway. So whether you’re a local lad in North London, an Australian supporter down under or if you’re American Spur like myself, you should absolutely throw your name into the hat.

So, how does one throw their name into the hat?

It’s quite simple actually: just answer the simple question below by emailing your response to on or before January 27th, 2013. A winner will be selected from the correct responses soon after the deadline and will be notified by Campo Retro via email; you’ll be asked to provide information on your desired shirt size, personalization and a delivery address. And the question you need to answer:

Who is Tottenham Hotspur FC’s all-time leading goal scorer?

See, I told you it was simple. And even if you don’t win, Campo Retro will still send you an exclusive discount on any of their excellent retro apparel… so it’s worth it either way, right?

Just remember to send Campo Retro your email response by end of day January 27th. And while you’re at it, don’t forget to give WSOTP a follow on Twitter and Facebook as well as the same for our friends Campo Retro’s Twitter and Facebook pages, too. So chin up fellow Lillywhites… the Christmas fixtures needn’t be so glum after all!

WSOTP x Cincy Shirts

I have to admit: this post has been a really long time coming. Despite the WSOTP Shop having been up and open for business since March, I’ve been promising to drop new shirt designs for ages now. In fact, I previewed one of them back on reddit probably six months ago. But for various reasons, things just kept getting pushed back.

Today, that changes. Two new original designs will be revealed below. But I’ve got another order of business to attend to first.

Back in May, I made a move away from using a pre-order only set up I had originally used for running the shop due to the long order-receiving turnaround. It could take up to two months for some people to have their shirt in hand. I wouldn’t be cool with that, and I’m guessing most people wouldn’t be either. So I looked to find a decrease that time… but I wanted to find an answer close to home.

WSOTP - Blog - Cincy Shirts.fw

the long awaited announcement is finally made.

The solution? I forged a partnership with local Cincinnati t-shirt kings Cincy Shirts to allow for on-demand shirt ordering. Not only that, but you can order many of the designs in not just t-shirts, but also hooded sweatshirts. More offerings, quicker delivery and a local partner… it was too big of an opportunity to pass. But for whatever reason, I never made mention of this exciting news. My bad guys! You can also find the WSOTP logo shirt on their main site alongside hundreds of other designs that revolve around Cincinnati’s burgeoning culture.

Anyway, on to those new designs:

WSOTP Shop Shirts - The Indy and Foosball

The first design is a homage to a state and city I used to call home, and their brand new NASL team — the Indy Eleven. Though the Eleven won’t kick off until next year, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t passionate fans there rooting them on already. A design that takes queues from not only the Indianapolis city flag, but also the entire state of Indiana as Indy Eleven are the only professional team in the state.

My second new design looks to honor a version of soccer I’ve spent countless hours playing during my childhood not to mention the bar as I’ve gotten on in years: foosball. The rungs we spun a seemingly infinite number of times emblazoned across the chest, the discerning soccer fan will quickly know they’ve come across one of their own when they see those familiar figures.

The shirts themselves aren’t yet available for ordering, but will be soon. So be sure to watch this space for ordering information in the near future.

come and watch some football with me

MLS Final 2013 Cincinnati Watch Party

If you are in Cincinnati on the afternoon of Saturday, December 7th, 2013, you now have plans. I don’t care if you already have obligations, its high time you break them. Because Wrong Side of the Pond is teaming up with Over-the-Rhine sports bar Rhinehaus for yet another football watch party — this time it’s for the 2013 MLS Cup Final — and you’re not going to want to miss it.

So why should you drop everything to make sure you’re in OTR this coming Saturday afternoon? Aside from having the privilege of getting to rub shoulders with fellow Cincinnati soccer aficionados and yours truly, you’ll also get to watch two of the best sides in MLS featuring some of the national team’s brightest stars, as well as have a chance to win a shirt from the WSOTP Shop — including one of several new designs to be released later this week. You’ll also have a chance to try any of Rhinehaus’ 16 handles of craft beer, including a handful of Cincinnati’s own local brews.

Kickoff is at 4pm, so make sure to get there a little early to secure your space. And if you want a chance to win of the WSOTP Shop shirts, be sure to let us know you’re attending on either Facebook or Google+

If you’re not in Cincinnati and are looking for a place to watch Sporting KC and Real Salt Lake battle it out, find the closest of over 260 soccer bars across the US and Canada in the WSOTP Soccer Pub Atlas.

step inside my fantasy

Sure, everyone is all jazzed up about the imminent return of the Premier League season. I certainly am, and I know many of my readers are too. I’m even co-hosting another event at Rhinehaus in Cincinnati so you locals can come and enjoy the festivities in a proper pub environment for such an occasion.

WSOTP Premieraliga Fantasy League

here’s your chance to show that your soccer knowledge is deeper than mine… and win a free shirt.

And while most fans are looking forward to the action on the pitch and the camaraderie shared when watching games together with fellow supporters — or at bare minimum, using it as an excuse to have a pint at 7:45 in the morning —  there’s one other element that most fans love about the start of the new Premier League campaign…

Fantasy Football.

Probably one of the single largest productivity-sucking activities around the globe, the official Fantasy Premier League game is played by a mind-blowing 2.5 million people. And I’d be willing to wager that you’re one of them. And though it can be frustrating at times, it’s normally oodles of fun. If nothing else, it gives us yet another avenue to exchange friendly banter with our friends. There are prizes on offer, of course. But unless your some fantasy football bad ass, your odds of landing any of the Premier League’s extravagant prizes are slim to none.

But to help mitigate your fears of inferiority, I’ve decided to give you a much more realistic opportunity to win something… by launching the WSOTP PremieraligaYep, that’s right: I’ve opened up my very own league in the official EPL Fantasy game. And you can join! To do so, just follow the steps below:

  1. If you don’t yet have a team, head on over to the Official Site and start one.
  2. Once your account is created, you can join the WSOTP Premieraliga by entering the code “11389-4142″ in the League tab. Or you can click this link to do so automatically:
  3. Pick your team by this Friday, August 16th.

And what about the prize I mentioned earlier? The league entrant who has the most points at the end of the season — well, aside from me — will have their pick of the shirts on offer in the WSOTP Shop! And with more shirt designs soon to be added, you’ll have even more to choose from. And unlike in my prior giveaways where you winning was left to chance, you have total control over your chances of winning. Perform well enough, and the shirt is yours come May 2014.

So… about time you go and sign up, right?

so, who’s going to USAvMEX on WSOTP’s dime?

It’s been a crazy week here at Wrong Side of the Pond. Traffic has been through the roof on the site, I’ve picked up hundreds of new followers on my various social media platforms, and I’ve even sold a few shirts from the WSOTP Shop. All of those are things that really get my blood racing on their own. But given the news in this post, my heart is pumping like I’m watching the Landon Donovan’s last-gasp winner against Algeria at the World Cup nearly four years ago all over again.

WSOTP  USAvsMEX Ticket Giveaway

are you the lucky winner of two tickets to the usmnt vs mexico match in columbus next month? find out below.

I’m well aware too that for many of you, this is your first time coming across the Wrong Side of the Pond. Hopefully you have had a look around in our short time together. And though I won’t be able to give all of you tickets, here’s hoping that you’ll stick around even if you aren’t selected the winner in the paragraphs to come. Whether it’s to find or contribute to the list of over 260 soccer bars across the US and Canada in the WSOTP Pub Atlas, to prepare for an upcoming away day in the soon-to-expand MLS Stadium Guide, or to read my thoughts on the beautiful game… there’s something for everyone. And not to dangle another carrot in front of you just to keep you around, but I am announcing yet another giveaway tomorrow.

Anyway, now that you’ve been made to endure my pleas to come back and visit the site, let’s get down to the business you’re all really here for.

So, in total, I received just over five hundred entries into the week-long competition — 503 to be specific —  and they were surprisingly distributed nearly evenly across all three entry types of Twitter, Facebook and email. Entrants came from 21 different states, and from as far away as Portland, Oregon. The Facebook picture itself has been seen a whopping 10,640 people as I’m writing this. And though I would love to say that I didn’t get any of these, I did receive five separate offers to outright buy the tickets. One guy even had the audacity to offer me just $50 a ticket — less than face value.

But get one with it already, right?

Okay, okay… okay. The winner shown below will receive two free tickets to the US Men’s National Team World Cup Qualifier against Mexico at Columbus Crew Stadium on September 10th, 2013. Please don’t be a Mexico fan, please don’t let it be a Mexico fan…

WSOTP - Blog - USMNT Tix Winner

Congratulations, Jered! It looks like you’ll be joining me and 23,000 others in Columbus exactly one month from today!

Now, as promised in the first post, Jered now has until August 13th at 11:00pm to let me know if he and his guest of choice can attend the match. (Keep in mind that you will need to arrange and pay for all of your own travel and lodging needs to get to the match.) If at that point it is determined he can not attend, or no response has been received, a new winner will be selected from the remaining entrants.

Jered, I’m assuming you’re not crazy enough to pass up US-Mexico tickets… so you can drop me an email or send me a DM on Twitter to confirm your prize. And I look forward to catching you in Columbus!

As for everyone else: many thanks for entering the competition. Keep an eye on this space, though. I’ll do my best to make it worth your while.

WSOTP wants you to go to USA vs Mexico

Maybe it’s just me, but it feels like everyone wants to go to next month’s über important World Cup qualifier between the US and Mexico at Columbus Crew Stadium. Of course that should probably be expected given the team’s recent Gold Cup triumph, their 11-match winning and the fact that the Yanks will be facing their most hated rivals.

USA vs Mexico Tickets For Free

admit it: you know you do.

The only problem: Crew Stadium currently seats around 24,000 fans. Which means everyone won’t get to go. And as of yesterday, the game was officially announced as sold out.

Even for those who did secure tickets, the process for doing so was about as easy as licking one’s own elbow (Go on… try it). From a myriad of overlapping pre-sale opportunities — AO, US Soccer Supporters Club, and ultimately Crew season ticket holders – a lottery being instituted for the general ticket sale, and delays to all of the ticket awarding announcements, it’s been extremely frustrating

Thankfully, I was lucky enough to be one of the few to land tickets in the initial American Outlaws sale, meaning I’ll be heading to my second US-Mexico clash in Columbus. Though if I hadn’t, you can be damn sure I would have ended up paying through the nose on StubHub just to make sure of my attendance. Unfortunately, that’s not an option for everyone and I know that means many fans will still be left out in the cold for US Soccer’s biggest game of the year.

But fear not American soccer fans… Wrong Side of the Pond has your back. Well, let me rephrase that: I’ve got two of your backs.

Anticipating the crazy demand, I made sure to get my hands on a pair extra tickets for the USAvMEX match on 9/10/13 at Crew Stadium… and I’ll be giving them away for FREE to one lucky WSOTP follower!

So now that I’ve gotten your attention, how exactly does one go about entering themselves to win the tickets? Check the rules and regulations below:

  1. You can enter yourself as a contestant in one of these three ways:
      1. If you don’t already, follow @wrongsideofthepond on Twitter. Then, shoot me a tweet with the hashtag #WSOTPtix4U. Current followers, all you have to do is send me the tweet.
      2. If you don’t already, like the Wrong Side of the Pond Facebook page. Then share this exact post right here → your friends. If you like the page already, all you need to do is reshare the post on your wall.
      3. If somehow you lack a social media account, you can drop me an email at wrongsideofthepond [at] gmail [dot] com with the subject WSOTPtix4U.
  2. Each contestant can enter the competition a total of two times using any of the methods mentioned above just once.
  3. The deadline for entries will be Friday, August 9th, at 11:59pm Eastern Time.
  4. The winner of the pair of tickets will be selected from the entrants in and announced in a post on this site on Saturday, August 10th at 8:00pm Eastern Time… exactly one month to the minute from kickoff in Columbus.
  5. The winner will have until August 13th at 8:00pm to confirm they will be able to attend the match. If at that point it is determined they can not attend, or no response has been received, a new winner will be selected from the remaining entrants. The winner can pick up their pair of tickets either in person at the pre-match festivities OR at will call.

If you’re thinking about entering, or already have your tickets, be sure to checkout my guide to visiting Columbus Crew Stadium for hints and suggestions on parking, lodging and the like. Also, keep an eye out for me both prior to kickoff and at the game. Final plans for the pre-match festivities — which is likely to include a WSOTP Shop shirt giveaway — are still in the works, but you can watch this space as I’ll be sure to provide updates. 

So if you missed out on lottery tickets, or just didn’t feel like dropping some coin to buy them in the first place… it’s about time you get on with registering, right?!

Best of luck!

pardon me as i toot my own horn

I don’t want to make a big deal out of it or anything, but writing for and maintaining this website is hard work. Yes, I’m aware that doing so is a conscious choice that I make on a daily basis. Coming up with original content, tweeting semi-regularly, putting together my own graphics, researching and making contacts with leads, coming up with shirt designs, the list goes on and on. And all of those things take lots and lots of time. As Mrs. WSOTP likes to put it, I have a hobby that’s steadily turned into a job… without pay.

look where WSOTP is popping up now.

Now, trust me when I say I’m not looking for sympathy. I enjoy all of this (well, most of the time), and it gives me a bit of an excuse to watch all of the soccer that I want to watch. But most of the time it’s a thankless task that few get excited about. Aside from me, of course.

Well today, I’m going to take a moment to gloat a little bit.

Once a week, XI Quarterly — a new quarterly soccer publication featuring some of the best writers and artists from around the American soccer landscape — pushes out a list of “Good Soccer Reads”.  The list contains links to five stories compiled from the web and deemed worthy by the @xiquarterly Twitter feed. Have a look at number five on this week’s list

XIquarterly #5Yup, that’s right… that’s your boy right there. It’s not quite like having one of my pieces actually featured in the pages of XI (yet anyway), but it sure is a decent start.

(By the way, if you haven’t read the piece mentioned in the article above, check it out here. It really is probably one of the best bits of writing I’ve ever done. So enjoy it already.)

And while just having one of my pieces picked up is honor enough, my real point in pride comes when you look at the publishers of the other four stories listed: ESPN FC, The Guardian, and The New York Times. That’s some serious prestige there, especially when squared up against my tiny corner of the blogosphere. ESPN are the self-proclaimed leader in sports in the United States. The Guardian is arguably the most well-respected daily newspaper in the UK. is one of the leading soccer websites on the internet. And The New York Times is… well, The New York Times.

So while I’m trying to prevent my ego from convincing me that this is a clear indication that I should be writing for some of those more famous publications, I can’t help but beam with pride just a little bit. This kind of recognition seems fleeting in the world of American soccer journalism, but I’m really hopeful that it’s the first of many to come.

In the mean time?  I’m just going to soak it in like a (quasi-)famous writer should.

another chance to win with WSOTP!

want a free digital subscription to your favorite soccer magazine? read on to find out how!

If you’re anything like me, reading about soccer is one of your favorite past times. Whether its online news stories, browsing through footie-specific tweets, or my own website’s content — don’t worry, you won’t be the first to call me a narcissist – I will read it. Probably twice.

And though the advent of the internet has undoubtedly made reading about the beautiful game significantly easier, the dawn of easy-access soccer news means that I often overlook the old guard of football reporting… printed media. And that can suck, because some of the best writing out there comes packaged in the neatly printed pages of magazines such as FourFourTwo, World Soccer and Soccer America. However, the good folks at Zinio are trying to change all of that.

Missing out on the fantastic writing in your favorite magazines is now a thing of the past thanks to Zinio and their ultimate magazine experience for the digital age. Featuring award-winning apps for all of your favorite mobile operating platforms, Zinio allows you to read  your favorite magazines and sync your place across multiple devices, all while on the go with just a few swipes of your finger.

And to celebrate the resumption of the Champions League semifinals, Zinio have partnered with WSOTP to offer nine lucky readers the chance to test out their apps with a FREE digital subscription to their magazine of choice! That means if you’re selected as a winner, you’ll have the opportunity to select a subscription from one of thousands of fine publications such as:

  • FourFourTwo (1 year / 12 issues / $39.28 value)
  • Howler (1 year / 4 issues / $50.00 value)
  • Soccer America (1 year / 4 issues / $39.00 value)
  • World Soccer (1 year / 13 issues / $48.11 value)
  • XI Quarterly (1 year / 4 issues / $34.99 value)
  • UEFA Champions League Matchday (1 year / 12 issues / $30.38 value)

So, how exactly do you register for a chance to win your free, no-strings-attached subscription? As with the last give away, it’s as simple as taking three easy steps:

  1. If you’re not already, make sure that you follow WSOTP on Twitter or like us on Facebook.
  2. On Facebook, be sure to both Like AND Share this post.
  3. And/Or on Twitter, be sure to Retweet this tweet.
  4. You can register using both social media channels, meaning a maximum of two registrations per entrant.

I’ll announce the winners of this competition next Monday, May 6th, after I complete a random drawing. Sorry, you can only win a single subscription, so make sure you’ve got your favorite picked out ahead of time. Winners will then have one week to let me know of their subscription choice, and then Zinio will be in touch to show you how to get started. In the mean time, be sure to download the Zinio app from your favorite app store and check out their free articles, or check them out on your desktop at They hooked me up with a subscription just to try it out too, and I can tell you that it’s well worth the effort!

Can’t manage to wait and see if you’ve won? Zinio are also offering soccer fans up to 40% off on subscriptions through the end of May.