ten words or less #116


See, the blog isn’t dead yet! Though I’m guessing the less than 100 words below linking to content that isn’t my own probably isn’t the thing I should hang my “the blog isn’t dead yet” hat on. If nothing else, it’s something for you to chew on to end your weekend/get your week started.

Too, I’ll be dropping further information on my future plans for the blog in the coming days, too. So be sure to stay tuned so you know what’s up, right?

I mean at some point, it has to stop. Right? – worldsoccertalk.com

Can’t accuse them of beating around the bush. – manchestercity.com

Come fall in love with Dele Alli. – youtube.com

The USMNT once played in the NASL; it went disastrously. – mlssoccer.com

My inner 15 year old is losing his mind. – 8by8mag.com

Aw man, the “Deadline Day” banana video is fake!?! – squawka.com

Should Canada have its own league? Yes! But can it? – canadiansoccernews.com

Futsal fire. – youtube.com

US Soccer sues the USWNT… everyone has to pick sides. – futfanatico.com

D’oh. – washingtonpost.com

WSOTP pod: we’re not going anywhere

WSOTP - Blog - Season 3 Episode 26.fw

As you may have noticed, I dropped some news yesterday. And because of that news, WSOTP will be through some pretty massive changes. But worry not — and it looks like many of you did — the #Pondcast isn’t going away! And to prove that point, we’re dropping another episode the day after the big news.

So what exactly is on this week’s episode? Despite the lack of Premier League action since our last show, there was ample going on in the footballing world for us to delve into. The USMNT played a game on Sunday, and (literally) a few people showed up to watch. There was also the FA Cup Fourth Round to contend with, even if there’s been a lack of upsets. And too, there are midweek Premier League games — some of them today — to look forward to as well. What about the closing of the January transfer window? Plus we asked you guys another question ahead of this episode, and you delivered with some excellent soccer culinary ideas.

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WSOTP pod: we’ll ask the questions around here

WSOTP - Blog - Season 3 Episode 25.fwPremier League weekend recap? We got that. Yeah, we’ve got some hot takes on Norwich City vs Liverpool, and Arsenal-Chelsea, too. You know we’ve got that transfer window gossip, plus some thoughts on the movers and shakers since last week. And for a change, we decided to ask you guys — our listeners — a question that we wanted you to answer: how much soccer is too much soccer to follow or support. The boys offer up their opinions on the matter, but we got some great responses as well. Those weekly segments haven’t gone away either.

Just because we asked a question this time around, that doesn’t mean that you still can’t ask us questions to cover on the next episode. And if you want to do that, or want to answer the question above even, give us a shout on social media or drop us a line to contact@wrongsideofthepond.com. And do us a solid and subscribe — and maybe even give us a review/rating, pretty please? — on iTunes, Stitcher or via RSS using the links below.

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WSOTP pod: someone has to win this thing

WSOTP - Blog - Season 3 Episode 24.fw

A long weekend after a long week of footballing activity both domestic and abroad has left us with yet another episode chock full of content. In addition to two crammed rounds of Premier League football — including a complete lack of clubs trying to make the top spot their own — the January transfer window has finally started to come to life. On the domestic front, youngster Jordan Morris has dominated the transfer talk despite an entire MLS SuperDraft taking place last week, too. Worry not, both get airtime on this week’s #Pondcast.

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WSOTP pod: the magic of the cup

WSOTP - Blog - Season 3 Episode 23.fw

If you worried there wouldn’t be a new #Pondcast this week since there haven’t been any Premier League games since our last episode, worry no longer… we still managed to squeeze out a full program for you last night. So what’s on the agenda in lieu of the league? The most exciting round of the FA Cup — the third round — gifted us a number of surprising results. We bet you’d like to talk about the FIFA Gala/Ballon d’Or. There’s the January transfer window to keep an eye on, too. The US Men’s National Team also announced their January camp, so we dive in there as well. And despite it being the offseason, it’s been a surprisingly busy week all around the American domestic leagues, too. So trust us when we say there’s plenty to talk about.

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musical chairs

WSOTP - Blog - Musical Chairs.fw

If someone asks one to think of soccer, most people will envision the actual acts of players running about a field and kicking around of a ball. Some, too, might envisage the electric atmospheres that supporters often bring to games. But I’d wager few immediately visualize the managers standing on the touchlines when you ask them to think about the sport.

Unless you’re talking about the 2015/16 season, that is.

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but managers are all the rage these days. Open up the papers or glance at your website of choice, and you’re likely to find just as likely to see the man who picks the team each weekend staring back at you as you are the star names they’re picking.

Not that managers getting attention is a particularly new thing. For those bosses steering their clubs in the wrong direction, there’s always the sack watch to keep an eye on. Sir Alex has been making headlines of his own for ages. And there was a great little spell a few years back where Mourinho, Ferguson, Wenger and Benitez were regularly exchanging barbs with one another in the press.

But unlike in most years past, of what’s transpired of the 2015/16 season so far, the spotlight has been most brightly shone on the managers.

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WSOTP pod: our first threesome

WSOTP - Blog - Season 3 Episode 22.fw

Caught you’re attention with that title, didn’t we? Don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone, so long as you listen in to our first ever three-person #Pondcast. So who was our lucky third? D.J. and Jeremy welcomed in their former Cincinnati Saints intern, current editor of Ohio University’s Post Sports, and Norwich City supporter Charlie Hatch (@charliehatch_) to join them for a look back at the weekend Premier League action. We were even so hospitable as to letting him join in on the action of weekly segments of Fantasy Update, League 2 Watch and Winners & Wankers — like a proper threesome, everyone’s involved in everything.

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WSOTP pod: boxing day and a little bit more

WSOTP Podcast - Season 3 Episode 21

We know this latest #Pondcast is coming to you a little later in the week than normal Tuesday drop day. But we figured it was totally worth waiting if it meant we could cram in both full rounds of action that took place on Boxing Day and the last few days. As such you get our takes on all of the holiday action thus far — minus the New Years Day fixtures that we’re due to get tomorrow, which will get covered on the next episode dropping on Tuesday next week. The guys also offer up their halfway awards for the Premier League, plus the normal weekly bits.

While we didn’t have room for questions this week, if you have some topics or suggestions you want us to tackle next time around, we’re totally down for that. Just give us a shout on social media or drop us a line to contact@wrongsideofthepond.com. And do us a solid and subscribe — and maybe even give us a review/rating, pretty please — on iTunes, Stitcher or via RSS using the links below.

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ten words or less #115

WSOTP - Van Gaal Toast

It’s the final day of 2015, and is my yearly tradition, I can’t help but feel a bit of melancholy. Looking back over the previous 12 months, it’s hard not to feel that way: 2015 was another great year for us here at WSOTP.

Our podcast traffic has doubled in the last year. We helped to host more events than ever before, including another successful World Cup watch party on Cincinnati’s Fountain Square. I was lucky enough to attend the MLS All-Star Game in Denver, which had the added bonus of also featuring my beloved Tottenham Hotspur. I also had the privilege of not only getting to work my first ever MLS Cup Final as media, but also attend my first ever MLS Cup Final — though I was admittedly a bit bummed to see my Columbus Crew side stumble at the finish line. I also nabbed two of my biggest ever scoops during 2015, both pertaining to the arrival of a new well-backed USL franchise in my hometown of Cincinnati. And even more mind-blowing, I had the honor of getting to help resurrect a professional team I supported as a kid by designing it’s crest.

Those are just a few of the highlights — there was a lot I left out. And when you get to experience that much in a single calendar year, there’s always the concern that the next year won’t live up to this one.

Rest assured, we’re doing our damnedest to make sure that doesn’t happen. More guests are being planned for the Pondcast. We’re plotting some further interviews for the website to bring even deeper insight into the American game, some new merch could be going up in the store in the near future… and we might even have a few more surprises in the works, too.

But as always, thanks to all of you who stopped by throughout 2015. We never would have been able to achieve so much without your eyes, ears and friendships. Cheers.

A fascinating story on East Germany’s final match. – bbc.com

I’d be willing to bring back Blatter for this. – sportingintelligence.com

And you think your boss is an ass… – skysports.com

Doubt I’d be this cool if in his situation. – whoateallthepies.tv
(Courtesy of Lippadona) 

Sadly, this isn’t that unrealistic of a response for FIFA. – theonion.com

MLS exodus to LigaMX a good thing? Maybe. – goal.com

“Though we play him constantly, we don’t really want him.” – football-italia.net

Be right back, spending next two hours in the driveway. – youtube.com

Indeed, geography can dictate philosophy. – mirror.co.uk

I’m devastated for Canales, but take a hint and retire. – espnfc.com

WSOTP pod: shuffling the deck

WSOTP - Blog - Season 3 Episode 20

The ax now fallen on Mourinho at Chelsea, we spend a sizable chunk of this week’s #Pondcast talking about the chain reaction of hirings and firings that we’ll possibly see around the upper echelons of European football that José’s firing will spark. A few of England’s other top clubs struggled this past weekend as well, and we were sure to discuss that detail in our Premier League whiparound. And too, the guys tackled the trouble in the upper reaches of FIFA as well, as Sepp Blatter and Michel Platini were given heft bans for their nefarious activities. Plus, the normal weekly segments were still there to help fill in the gaps.

Make sure to be like all of the cool kids and get involved with the show by sending us your topic suggestions or questions. You can do so by emailing contact@wrongsideofthepond.com or getting in touch with us via social media. And don’t forget to subscribe using the links below to automatically receive the newest podcast episode each Tuesday.

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