ten words or less #33

Aaron Biber and Tottenham's Peter Crouch

crouch visited and got his haircut by aaron biber. when biber's barbershop was trashed during the riots, the looters shockingly left the autographed crouch photo he's holding.

Welcome back, distinguished readers, and thanks for reading my latest article on wrong side of the pond. I am attempting to keep today’s posting very formal, proper, and short as this blog needs to get into in-season form for the start of this European campaign. So with that in mind, let’s skip the silliness today and get on to the sub-ten-word links below.

No word on whether he was red carded or not. – mirror.co.uk

WTF is that face, Landycakes?!?! – dirty tackle @ yahoo.com

Farewell to the best defender of his generation… after Maldini. – therunofplay.com

This took balls… brilliant work by adidas marketing. – kckrs.com

Sir Alex 1 : the Daily Mail’s Bob Cass 0 – whoateallthepies.tv
A tip of my hat to 2-time defending fantasy champion Lippadona for pointing out this link.

The new La Masia: now that’s an academy. – theoffside.com

Don’t care if everyone’s linked to it… brilliant. – arseblog.com

The Canadian MLS clubs always nail branding. – designfootball.com

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ten words or less #23

#MLS4RSL: get behind history

click above to join the movement of american fans supporting real salt lake

while the world’s footballing attention is rightfully focused on the bright lights of the europe’s almost-biggest stage this week, let us not forget that the biggest game in north american soccer takes place this week too (1opm est, fox soccer channel). so as we all try to digest both champions leagues’ actions and results this week, here are some of the best links i’ve found in the last few days.

american fans MUST watch this match tomorrow night. - usdish.com

adidas’ excellent retro-influenced lyon kit. – footballshirtculture.com

i do not make very much money. - theoffside.com

an american training at la masia?! there is a god! - ontd-football.livejournal.com

does neil lennon know this is essentially a death wish? - dirty tackle @ yahoo.com

darron gibson’s twitter massacre. – thejournal.ie

a melting pot of hope for the future. – runofplay.com

champions league knockout rounds visualized. – hyperakt.com