WSOTP pod: episode 36

WSOTP Podcast - Season 1 Episode 36

the boys spent some time talking about the newest household name from the premier league: crystal palace forward jason puncheon.

It’s been months since Jeremy and D.J. haven’t had a full plate of football to chat about on a podcast. But with just Premier League and MLS action going down in the last week, this week’s line up seemed comparatively bare… before hand, anyway. In England, the discussion included Liverpool’s title hopes being boosted, the relegation race tightening up, promotion from the Championship and the magical displays of Jason Puncheon. Domestically, we touch on the Crew’s dramatic draw, a new club being gifted to Atlanta, and a baseball stadium being the home for the league’s supposed marquee franchise. We also had a few listener questions to tackle at the end, so prepare yourself for a surprisingly full Episode 36 of the Wrong Side of the Pond Podcast.

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WSOTP pod: episode 35

we even had time on this week’s podcast to cover prom proposals – which apparently chris wondolowski helps fans out with.

No matter what your cup of tea is when it comes to world football, odds are there’s a segment in Episode 35 of the podcast that will tickle your fancy. You like the Premier League? We’ve got thoughts on Liverpool’s title surge and the growing scrap at the bottom of the table — plus Spurs and Chelsea thoughts, per normal. If you prefer continental football? We chatted about the Champions League semifinal draw, paying special attention to highlighting the “Courtois Conundrum” between Atlético and Chelsea. Should you desire domestic soccer, we’ve got musings on Major League Soccer and the rumors that the Copa América will be coming to the States. So grab a pint (unless your driving) or a coffee, sit back and strap yourself in for the latest edition of the WSOTP Pod.

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pic of the week 4/7-4/13


Anfield Kop on the 25th Anniversary of the Hillsborough Disaster

As if there could even be any other choice for this week’s “Pic of the Week”, making  the selection for today’s post was only hard in that I needed to find the picture that best captured the incredible moments before kickoff between Liverpool and Manchester City. But having found one that I deemed suitable, I find that it still doesn’t quite do the raw emotion on display at Anfield yesterday justice. This video does a slightly better job of it, but I can only imagine the experience was far more intense in person.

If for some reason you don’t know why the Kop end of Liverpool’s Anfield were putting on such a display ahead of a pivotal top of the table clash, definitely take some time to read up on the Hillsborough Disaster. In short, 96 Liverpool fans lost their lives in a fan crush 25 years ago at Hillsborough Stadium at the start of an FA Cup semifinal match against Nottingham Forest. And while that was more than enough to make it the largest sporting disaster in English football history, the way the authorities and press handled the aftermath was even more disconcerting.

So, unlike most times where a tifo is raised to celebrate the team, this weekend’s display at Liverpool was a tribute to the memory of those 96 fans. And it was for them that Anfield sang so loudly –and sat so quietly — all to commemorate their losses and remind the world that they will never have to walk alone.

WSOTP pod: episode 34

Everton's Ross Barkley vs Arsenal's Mikel Arteta

could everton find themselves in the top four at season’s end at arsenal’s expense? the guys debate that and more on this week’s podcast.

With the Premier League season entering the final stretch, just about every match has taken on some sort of importance, either contributing to the title race, the fight to make the top four and/or the relegation scrap. And this weekend’s matches most definitely checked all of those boxes, meaning Jeremy and I had a lot of games to offer up our opinions on. Of course, there was also MLS “Rivalry Week” to contend with, including a thrilling Cascadia Cup tie between the Timbers and Sounders and a Trillium Cup match up between the conference-leading Crew and big spending Toronto. And let’s not forget about last midweek’s USA-Mexico game and this midweek’s Champions League matches that will also need to be chewed upon. You’ll get all that and more on the latest episode of the WSOTP Pod.

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WSOTP pod: episode 30

WSOTP Podcast - Season 1 Episode 30

when demba ba gets a chance to drop a brace on you, it’s fair to say things aren’t going well.

Though it may have been a truncated weekend schedule for the Premier League, it was a big one here on the podcast with it being the WSOTP Pod Derby — or Spurs versus Chelsea for those not in the know. And for those who know us well, is should come as no surprise that the results in said Derby had D.J. wallowing and Jeremy doing his best to take it easy on his fellow podcast co-host. You’ll also find the full review of the rest of BPL action, FA Cup chatter, reflections on the USMNT’s match against the Ukraine, a rundown of MLS First Kick highlights, a talk on the Crew’s controversial TV deal, and our thoughts on Nike and Adidas’ crazy new knit boots… so a little something for everyone.

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ten words or less #88

Alan Pardew Headbutting David Meyler

from some angles, you could see how it looks like pardew and meyler were just having an intimate moment. howard webb even looks jealous.

It’s been a big week here at WSOTP, but that doesn’t mean the rest of the world of football has stopped spinning. Champions League knockout round first legs wrapped up, European action abounded, World Cup news continued streaming, MLS preseason concluded, not to mention the upcoming round of international friendlies on the horizon. And when I wasn’t busy soaking up all of the attention of dropping an announcement of my own, I did manage some time to jot down some of my favorite links in between my moments in the limelight. And no, nothing has gone to my head. So enjoy the links, plebians.

ESPN/ABC schedule for the World Cup… better schedule vacation now.

Landon makes me laugh and respect him more at once. –

Such an afterthought, even its cup is shitty. –

I’m really surprised we haven’t seen this already. Ingenious. –

Hey Nike… quit teasing us and show us the boots! –

The only Chivas USA re-brand that really makes sense. –

I miss you, Gareth. –

Re-igniting the “is heading bad for brains” debate. –

Someone get this for me for Oktoberfest this year. -

The Crew win a (preseason) trophy! –

WSOTP pod: episode 28

WSOTP Podcast - Season 1 Episode 28

since this building in oneonta is no longer the us soccer hall of fame, what exactly were mcbride, lilly and bradley inducted in to?

Champions and Europa League football returned this past week, and it had a very interesting effect on the full round of Premier League action at the weekend. D.J. and Jeremy spend time analyzing the effect both sets of matches had on one another in addition to the run down of the rest of the weekend action. You’ll also hear the guys talk about the 2014 Class of inductees into the closet that currently is the US Soccer Hall of Fame, further thoughts on “triple punishments”, and discuss the newest developments in the Chivas USA saga.

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WSOTP pod: episode 27

Bayern Munich's Julian Green

bayern starlet julian green is the latest, and perhaps brightest, of klinsmann’s german convert targets for the USMNT.

Despite tough weather conditions last week in Great Britain, it was busy last week with an almost full slate of midweek Premier League action plus an almost full round of FA Cup fixtures — the “almosts” thanks to some postponed matches due to said weather. We cover all of that on this week’s podcast, but that’s not all. Jeremy and D.J. also delve into the hypothetical world of where FIFA would go if they actually yanked the 2022 World Cup from Qatar, a preview of this and next week’s Champions League knockout matches, a talk about all of the World Cup tune-ups to be played here in the states this summer, plus an in-depth look at the Julian Green situation with the US Men’s National Team. And we made time, too, for a quick shout out to the local side for their latest achievement.

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WSOTP pod: episode 19

Season 1 Episode 19

sherwood takes charge at white hart lane.

Another podcast, another chance for D.J. to moan about Tottenham? Though that’s not exactly how things work, Episode 19 of the #WSOTPpod does feature his thoughts on AVB’s sacking for… Tim Sherwood? In addition to the Christmas Edition of the pod covering all of the normal Premier League round up, you can also hear guest Chad Hollingsworth (@ChadHoll) of Reckless Challenge talk about the Columbus Crew’s recent affiliation with the Dayton Dutch Lions, a quick jaunt over the Capital One Cup results, and a look ahead at the busy Christmas calendar.

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ten words or less #85

Eddie Johnson is leaving Seattle for DC United

EJ heading to DC highlights a busy off season week for Major League Soccer.

With the hectic Christmas football calendar about to kick off and the transfer window to follow shortly after, it seemed prudent to get a Ten Words or Less in so we’ll have ample room in the next one to cover the all of the upcoming commotion. But that doesn’t mean this week has been devoid of anything interesting. There’s been Spurs drama to deal with, MLS offseason player movements, and a barely even a peep out of not just me about the FIFA Club World Cup going on in Morocco.

And just in case you missed it, I’ve also opened up a competition for you to win a free, personalized retro Tottenham kit from the good folks over at Campo Retro. Just registering will net you a discount, so it’s worth a punt.

The new Nike Boca Juniors kit is the stuff of dreams. –

The latest chapter in the Book of Daniel (Levy). –

He likely isn’t the first, and won’t be the last. –

DC United letting their fans pick their beer’s can design. –

Kompany couldn’t do this again if he tried. Unlucky. –

Wahl just dropped a peg or two in my book. –

Defoe to Toronto for $10 million? SOLD! -

Players association trying to revolutionize the transfer system. –

Google the front runner for the next MLS/US soccer TV deal? -

This is David Nugent… chasing a squirrel. –