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hulk hogan, rio ferdinand and adrey arshavin walk into a bar…


Despite being a child of the 80’s, I’ve never really gotten into professional wrestling. I never understood the appeal of watching a sport that was completely fabricated and full of ridiculous characters. If that’s your bag, no harm meant — it’s just not for me.

And in the five-plus years I’ve been writing in this space, I never once imagined that I’d be writing about Hulk Hogan either.

But life is funny sometimes.

If you hadn’t heard — I hadn’t — long-time WWE star Hulk Hogan has been in the news lately for a racist tirade caught in a recently sex tape that was leaked online. The fallout from the slurs has been swift and strong, including all references to Hogan being removed from the WWE website and his name being removed from the Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame. And all of this comes on the heals of a long checkered history involving abuse charges and being alienated from his kids.

Obviously desperate to resuscitate his flagging career, the Hulk — not to be confused with the Brazilian attacker plying his trade for not-at-all racist Zenit St. Petersburg — has taken to social media to not only apologize, but also attempt to explain how not racist he actually is.

That always goes really well, doesn’t it?

In his urgent efforts to prove this, Hogan has started retweeting anyone who shows him signs of support. In particular, if someone of a minority background posts a picture, he’s been especially keen to let his followers know that he’s got fans of every color. Here’s a screen shot of two of those RT’s…

WSOTP - Hulk Hogan 5.fw

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