After surviving the early year bugs that seem to be doing the rounds, a scruffy D.J. and worn-down Jeremy reconvened following a week off to examine Liverpool’s continued dominance — and why it’s okay to admit they’ve spent money to get that way. Too, we looked at Sergio Agüero’s record-setting day against Aston Villa, Bournemouth’s […]

It’s never easy to watch your team lose. And on this week’s show, D.J.’s Spurs losing to Jeremy’s Chelsea was always going to be a topic that would need to be tackled. But when some of D.J.’s fellow Spurs supporters took the loss to Chelsea so poorly that they felt the need to racially abuse […]

What could you have possibly done to deserve another Thursday #Pondcast drop? Moise Keane knows that unfair feeling, too. And on this week’s (late) show, we touched on the ongoing crisis at Everton and Arsenal, and we roped Chelsea in on the action too — even if a bit premature. On the domestic side of things, […]

Just days after not being late with our last episode, the Wrong Side of the Pond team is back for the next installment of your seventh favorite soccer podcast. An on it are some of your favorite topics, like: the Manchester Derby and what the result meant for both sides’ managers, whether or not Leicester City are […]

Honestly, we’re not. So what if the guys tried to record on their normal Monday night session and didn’t. Just look at it this way: a delay meant D.J. and Jeremy could squeeze in most of the midweek action into the latest show, too. So in reality, this episode is more like a bonus episode. Right?! So, […]

Fire up your favorite podcasting machines, because this week’s show is a doozy just in time for your Thanksgiving commutes. As you might expect, Chelsea supporter Jeremy walked Spurs’ supporter D.J. through his emotions as Tottenham dispatched of much-adored manager Mauricio Pochettino and replaced him with the enigma that is José Mourinho. After working that […]

After subjecting D.J. to giving Tottenham a weekly beating on the show, we gave him a reprieve on this week’s #Pondcast by switching our attention to the chaos on the other side of North London. Winless in his last four matches, the heat has intensified on Arsenal manager Unai Emery and the locals have grown restless. After […]

Things are not going particularly well for Tottenham at the moment and Sunday’s draw away from Everton was another example of that. But on this week’s show, the guys also used the 104-minute tragedy-fest to illustrate just how badly the recent VAR-centric revamping of the laws of the game have made the game… just wrong. […]

Leicester tied a record, Liverpool beat Spurs (again), Arsenal’s captain told his own fans bad things, and plenty more happened in the Premier League’s wild weekend, and we obviously got into it all on this week’s show. On this side of the Atlantic, we were treated to the best round of MLS Cup playoff action […]