If you thought you weren’t going to have to hear from us for a while after we subjected you to five World Cup specials, you were terrible]y, terribly wrong. Just three weeks after France were crowned kings of the soccer world, D.J. and Jeremy are back once again for the debut of the sixth season of the […]

The wait for the final episode of season five of the Wrong Side of the Pond podcast is finally over, as D.J. and Jeremy offer up the last of their five World Cup specials following France’s triumphant march on Moscow. Listen in as the guys review not only their favorite moments of the tournament, but also review […]

With the World Cup now nearly over, we’re back to report in on our fourth special of the tournament. What better time to rank the semifinalists — to be fair, we recorded this before those matches actually played out. After giving our belated hot takes, we then took some time to revisit the Fox coverage that we […]

Still catching your breath? We know we are after an incredible conclusion to the group stage and a matching start to the knockout rounds. I’m in the third edition of our world cup podcast specials, we Deep dive into all the teams that have exited the tournament and those who have managed to stick to […]

Just two days after our first (belated) World Cup special episode dropped, D.J. and Jeremy are back with the second edition! And on this week’s show, the guys recapped who is in and out following the first two rounds of group action in Russia, revealed their picks for the “breakout stars” of the tournament so […]

After a week of distractions and ultimately technical issues, we’re delighted to finally bring you the first of FIVE 2018 World Cup specials from your fifth favorite American soccer podcast. Recorded back on Sunday, June 24, D.J. and Jeremy returned from their summer hiatus to provide their pre-tournament predictions, recap some of their favorite moments […]

Well, if you made it this far with us you probably deserve some sort of an award. This episode of the (#37 on the season, to be specific) represents our annual fuzzy ending to our fifth season of the #Pondcast. And instead of reviewing the final matchday’s action, we undertook two annual traditions instead. First, […]

The first relegation scalp has been claimed in the lead up to this week’s episode of the #Pondcast, and for that reason, the guys lamented over the loss of a once sexy side from the Premier League. In addition to also looking into which club might be next to face the knife, there was also plenty […]

With the Premier League winding down, the guys shifted focus this week to give the UEFA Champions League the spotlight treatment now that we’ve reached the semifinal stage. First leg recaps and second leg predictions, included! We didn’t totally relegate the EPL to the pit of despair though, and there was time for some domestic stuff […]

Let’s pretend for a second that the first legs of the Champions League semis didn’t happen. Becuase if they hadn’t, then you would definitely want to hear the guys preview the semifinal round. If you must pay attention to reality, then just imagine we were previewing the second legs too. And to be fair, we did. A […]