Now in its eighth season, the Wrong Side of the Pond podcast is a weekly American soccer podcast covering happenings on both sides of the Atlantic from the lower tiers of America’s soccer pyramid to the heights of Europe’s elite leagues. New episodes drop weekly from August to June and are available in the player at the top of the site, or you can subscribe to the show wherever you listen to podcasts.


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  • #Pondcast: The kids are alright November 20, 2020 9:00 pm
    Though the guys normally take the week off during international breaks, the excitement and buzz surrounding the younglings currently composing the U.S. men’s national team was enough to coax D.J. and Jeremy back to their mics. Not only did we dote on the promising prospects of the group, but we examined areas of the squad […]
  • #Pondcast: Oh here it is November 13, 2020 6:12 pm
    With no election to blame for the delay in this week’s episode, we’ll just chalk it up to the return of colder temperatures slowing D.J. and Jeremy’s roll. Maybe the return of actual Fall weather can also explain why City-Liverpool ended up being so boring, though we still managed to find a way to explore […]
  • #Pondcast: An identity November 6, 2020 9:26 pm
    Delayed to due to Election USA 2020, the latest episode of the #Pondcast drops in belated fashion this week as D.J. and Jeremy focused in on Arsenal’s and Arteta’s big win at Old Trafford. Too, we examined Everton’s downturn in form, Spurs getting some help from VAR, and the excitement surrounding the talent-filled first USMNT’s […]
  • #Pondcast: He said what? October 28, 2020 7:49 pm
    Big news broke just before the show (for once!) when outgoing Barcelona president Josep Bartomeu seemed to indicate that the Blaugrana already had one foot in the proposed European Premier League’s controversial door. As such, deep-dove into the sensitive subject on this week’s show in addition to the normal rundown of the weekend’s Premier League […]
  • #Pondcast: We’ll call it a draw October 22, 2020 7:45 pm
    Last weekend was a weekend of draws in the Premier League — six in total, to be specific. And among them were three particularly high-profile ones with Everton finally slipping up against Liverpool, and Spurs and Chelsea each throwing away sizable first-half leads. On the stateside portion of the show, we deep-dove into the Support […]


Whether it’s to share your answer to the upcoming episode’s question of the week, or you just want D.J. and Jeremy to answer the question burning a hole in your brain, we want to hear from you! You can tweet at the guys at @wrongsidofpond or @JeremyLance, or you can shoot us a message.

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