Now in its ninth season, the Wrong Side of the Pond podcast is a weekly American soccer podcast covering happenings on both sides of the Atlantic from the lower tiers of America’s soccer pyramid to the heights of Europe’s elite leagues. New episodes drop weekly from August to June and are available in the player at the top of the site, or you can subscribe to the show wherever you listen to podcasts.And be sure to visit our sponsors at Added Time Outfitters!


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  • #Pondcast: Bye-bye Brucey October 20, 2021 3:32 pm
    There’s always a lot to talk about after taking off the international break, and things are no different this week as D.J. and Jeremy reconvened for another weekly dose of soccer podcasting. On the agenda for this week’s show: we’re really talking about whether Solsjkær is the right man for Manchester United, the implications of […]
  • #Pondcast: Oops I did it again October 12, 2021 6:40 pm
    Yes, D.J. forgot to publish the podcast again. But that kinda works out this time, given it’s an international break and the guys are taking their normal two-week sabbatical anyway. So just think of this as fresh content in what would have otherwise been an off week! So on this week’s show, the guys talked […]
  • #Pondcast: The emperor has no clothes September 29, 2021 6:50 pm
    Another manager has had to face Gary’s mythical guillotine at FC Cincinnati, as former great Jaap Stam was dismissed after the team’s dismal display of form since his appointment in May of 2020. And on this week’s show, D.J. and Jeremy assess where Stam stands in FCC’s pantheon of coaches while pointing blame at the […]
  • #Pondcast: Who is better than Chelsea? September 23, 2021 4:50 pm
    We said there would be a quick turnaround in-between episodes, and we delivered. The guys reconvened to catch back up with all the most-recent happenings in the English top-flight, including a close look at whether Chelsea are truly the best side in the Premier League. Domestically, the guys decided to chew on the newly expanded […]
  • #Pondcast: Blame it on Norm September 21, 2021 11:28 pm
    In case you missed it, comedic legend Norm Macdonald passed away last week. Sure, that has nothing to do with soccer. But let’s blame the tardi nature of this week’s episode on the grief the guys experienced after the SNL star’s passing. And while that’s not really the reason why, Norm did get a mention […]


Whether it’s to share your answer to the upcoming episode’s question of the week, or you just want D.J. and Jeremy to answer the question burning a hole in your brain, we want to hear from you! You can tweet at the guys at @wrongsidofpond or @JeremyLance, or you can shoot us a message.

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