The Pondcast is a weekly American soccer podcast covering happenings on both sides of the pond, from the lower tiers of the America’s soccer pyramid to the heights of Europe’s elite leagues. New episodes drop Tuesdays and are available on the web and available on iTunes, Google PlayStitcher and via RSS feed.

WSOTP - Podcast Season 4

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  • #Pondcast: Mané’s Sergio Dipp Moment September 14, 2017 12:03 pm
    Though we didn’t take a high boot to our own faces, we were out of commission earlier this week — so a late podcast covering all of the weekend’s Premier League action is the silver lining you should be looking for. In it, we spend time discussing how Mané was definitely deserving of the red he saw against […]
  • #Pondcast: It Can Get Worse September 6, 2017 12:09 am
    In years past, we would have considered taking a week off from the podcast due to the international break and the relative dearth of soccer to discuss. However, as grizzled fathers of multiple children subjected to a three day Holiday weekend, getting together to drink beer and talk soccer sounded like a necessity. As a […]
  • #Pondcast: Your Deadline Day Sky Sports Alternative August 29, 2017 10:02 pm
    This past weekend’s round of Premier League action produced happiness in the Northwest of England and disappointment in North London, and the guys focused in on both on this week’s #Pondcast. Time was also devoted to the fast approaching European transfer window deadline, and we put on our best Sky Sports correspondent hats and tried […]
  • #Pondcast: Derby Delight/Distress August 23, 2017 11:40 am
    The earliest WSOTP Derby in recorded history took place last weekend. One half of the #Pondcast team looked forward to it eagerly, while the other looked on in trepidation. The result left them both feeling rather different. We of course covered more than just Spurs-Chelsea though, as the guys dashed through the rest of the weekend Premier […]
  • #Pondcast: What goes up must come down August 15, 2017 6:39 pm
    The 2017/18 Premier League got off to a cracking start this past weekend — well, at least for some clubs. On this week’s show, we feast on the action that unfolded across the pond by looking at who got off to a good start, as well as who didn’t. The guys then moved on to […]


Listener Questions/Topics: We absolutely want to know what you want us to talk about, so be sure to shoot us an email to contact@wrongsideofthepond.com to send us your questions and topics to sprinkle in to the weekly pod.

Winners & Wankers: D.J. and Jeremy each pick the person, place or things from the world of soccer that are worthy of being given the title of “Winner” — deserving of praise — and “Wanker” — deserving of scorn and mockery — for the previous week.

Wrong Side of the Argument: Ever the protagonist, Jeremy will occasionally defend an unpopular opinion from the world of soccer.

This Week in American Soccer Conspiracy Theories: The ever growing American soccer community has birthed some incredible tinfoil hat thinking over the last few years, and we’re not afraid to call them out.

Fantasy Update: A weekly update on how the Pondcast hosts are faring in the WSOTP Fantasy Leagues for the Premier League and MLS, as well as who tops the table in each.

Closing Music: The tail end of every show features some of the guys favorite musical samplings for you to judge them by. If you like what you hear, you can listen to them all on our occasionally updated Spotify playlist.

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WSOTP is pleased to be a founding member of the Background Noise FC, an independent soccer podcast network, which features regional members across the US offering unique perspectives on the beautiful game. Check us at it www.backgroundnoisefc.com.


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