Here at Wrong Side of the Pond, we’ve been known to take the international breaks off. That’s almost always the case during breaks without any meaningful matches for the US Men’s National Team, which was very much the case this time around, too. But this was no normal international break. First, the USMNT’s failure to qualify […]

Two defeats in a week would be bad enough for Manchester United’s José Mourinho, but falling to a Championship side managed by one of your former proteges and following that up with a loss to the most chaotic club in your own division certainly makes the two losses sting a little bit more. And since […]

The UEFA Champions League group stage kicked off last week, wildly some might even say. Liverpool triumphed in a goalfest with Jordan Saint-Germain, Spurs and the Cityzens lodged disappointing losses to former giants, and Manchester United found victory on the pitch while still taking L’s in their locker room. Then in American matters, there are […]

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to listen to a #Pondcast where hosts D.J. and Jeremy did almost zero prep work and recorded after an afternoon of day drinking at a hot soccer match, this is the episode you’ve been waiting for! And on this week’s poorly prepared podcast, the guys haphazardly hand Liverpool […]

Predators were on the prowl this past weekend on both sides of the pond — City slaying Wolverhampton Wanderers on one side, and record-setting Josef Martínez on the other — and D.J. and Jeremy devoted time to both on this week’s episode. Run downs of the rest of the Premier League’s weekend fixtures and a […]

Thet second weekend of Premier League action was a mostly predictable affair from a results standpoint. Well, unless you’re Ed Woodward or José Mourinho anyway. And equally predictable, the guys spent quite a bit of time on this week’s show discussing the hiccups Manchester United are experiencing so early in the campaign. The rest of […]