It was an news-filled week for at least one half of the #Pondcast team this week, as D.J.’s Spurs made some waves in the managerial space after losing to Manchester United and their underfire manager. After examining the repercussions of that move and a look around the rest of the weekend Premier League action, he […]

After willing Steve Bruce’s axing into existence on last week’s show, Jeremy and D.J. again attempted to push the scales of reality by talking at length about who might replace the stumbling Ole Gunnar Solsjkær in the Manchester United hot seat — though no axe has yet fallen on the Ole at the time of […]

There’s always a lot to talk about after taking off the international break, and things are no different this week as D.J. and Jeremy reconvened for another weekly dose of soccer podcasting. On the agenda for this week’s show: we’re really talking about whether Solsjkær is the right man for Manchester United, the implications of […]

Yes, D.J. forgot to publish the podcast again. But that kinda works out this time, given it’s an international break and the guys are taking their normal two-week sabbatical anyway. So just think of this as fresh content in what would have otherwise been an off week! So on this week’s show, the guys talked […]

In case you missed it, comedic legend Norm Macdonald passed away last week. Sure, that has nothing to do with soccer. But let’s blame the tardi nature of this week’s episode on the grief the guys experienced after the SNL star’s passing. And while that’s not really the reason why, Norm did get a mention […]

Thanks to the rise of the dreaded coraonavirus — this time inside the Lance household — this week’s episode goes back to a virtual setting. But the guys were still able to hold their annual review of Premier League kits from a distance — offering up their top picks and most likely to be binned […]

Scheduling conflicts meant D.J. and Jeremy couldn’t convene for this week’s #Pondcast until Thursday, so the guys did their best to compress their thoughts on a fabulous opening weekend of Premier League fixtures into an easily digestible show ahead of the second weekend of action. We reflected on the question of “who actually needs a […]