The Premier League made it’s triumphant return after a “lengthy” four-week layoff since the end of the pandemic-delayed 2019/20 season, and with that return also comes the return of the things that drive us crazy about the Premier League. For example, continuing to support your favorite side despite remembering that they’re actually terrible, or seeing […]

We never thought it would come, the end of this European — and Pondcast — season. But here we are, 47 episodes later, at the end of our seventh season for this humble little podcast. In season-ending tradition, D.J. and Jeremy ran down the entire 20-team Premier League slate, casting judgment along the way. Too, the guys […]

No hackers this time… D.J. just forgot to hit publish again. A bad habit to get in near the end of the campaign, but believe it or not, the neverending season is nearly over. And as a result, the guys were compelled to cover the fate of Norwich and the impending doom of Bournemouth. Once […]

Oh, you missed soccer, huh? Well, there’s more Premier League, MLS, NWSL, and more than you can possibly consume. But somehow, Jeremy and D.J. attempted to break down the matches that mattered. In England, there’s a widening race for European places and relegation to consider. In MLS, there was the long-awaited start of the MLS […]

Finally, we’re all caught up! This is the third and final installment of backdated Pondcast episodes that fell victim to a malicious hack on the website. Now that things are straightened up again, we’re happy to present the latest conversation between the boys. On this show: Liverpool are champions… but what now? We look at what […]

We continue on with our “lost episodes” — thanks to a malicious hack on the website — as you now feast upon on the second of three backdate episodes. This show was supposed to publish on June 27th… so you’ll be hearing about the Premier League’s “Project Restart” finally getting up and off the ground. […]

So you might be wondering why you’ve gone a few weeks without Pondcast, only to get smacked with three in succession. The short version of a long story — we got hacked. And among the many things that went down, our virtual assailants deleted posts, podcasts, files, and even modified our hosting set-up. So when you […]

On this week’s episode of your fifth favorite American soccer podcast, Jeremy and D.J. looked at Major League Soccer’s return in the form of what we’ll just refer to as “The Orlando Tournament” and why we don’t quite know what will come after it. After dancing through the latest news of professional soccer’s gradual return […]