Last weekend was a weekend of draws in the Premier League — six in total, to be specific. And among them were three particularly high-profile ones with Everton finally slipping up against Liverpool, and Spurs and Chelsea each throwing away sizable first-half leads. On the stateside portion of the show, we deep-dove into the Support […]

The beautiful game is dead… long live the beautiful game. Okay, it’s not that bad. But after yet another weekend of escalating VAR-induced buffoonery, it was worth exploring the sentiments expressed following Manchester United being given a penatly after the final whistle and Eric Dier’s backward-facing handball on this week’s Pondcast. D.J. and Jeremy also […]

The Premier League season steams on and so does the WSOTP Podcast as D.J. and Jeremy virtually reconvene to tackle a matchday two. On tap, the high-key clash between Liverpool and Chelsea, plus Manchester United getting embarrassed by the former prodigal son Zaha, among other things. But more importantly, the guys also took some time […]

The Premier League made it’s triumphant return after a “lengthy” four-week layoff since the end of the pandemic-delayed 2019/20 season, and with that return also comes the return of the things that drive us crazy about the Premier League. For example, continuing to support your favorite side despite remembering that they’re actually terrible, or seeing […]

Ten straight weeks of soccer-less podcasting took its toll, so D.J. and Jeremy took last week off for a much-needed breather. But they’re back this week, and just in time for the return of MLS — or at least the announcement that heralded the return of it. Of course, that news comes in the middle […]

Soccer is back with the return of the Bundesliga, as the German giants became the first major league to resume play during the pandemic. We reflected on the weekend itself, and the conversation that surrounded it on Soccer Twitter. Picking up where we left off last time around, D.J. and Jeremy continue their quarantine specials […]

In the rarest of rarities for the show, this week’s episode saw D.J. and Jeremy host a guest in back-to-back episodes when they welcomed former stand-in host Adam Maloney (@maloneyam34 on Twitter) back to the #Pondcast to help tackle our all-time favorite goalkeeper lists. A netminder himself, Adam offered his own favorites on top of […]

With stay-at-home orders still in place after nearly two months, you might think the guys would be growing tired of jumping on yet another Zoom meeting to chat about all the soccer that’s not happening. But our eighth quarantine #Pondcast special instead saw D.J. and Jeremy really up their game. Not only did they run […]