We’re back baby! Summer break is now officially over as D.J. and Jeremy return for the first episode of the TENTH season of the WSOTP Pondcast. And just as they have for the last nine years, the guys kick things off with their annual Premier League season preview where they detail their often foolish picks […]

The final episode of Season 9 of the #Pondcast is finally upon us and the guys are back to do what they normally do in the last show of the season. We’ll be running down all twenty of the seasons had by the sides participating in the 2021/22 Premier League campaign, including D.J.’s Spurs slipping […]

Recorded on what is arguably Jeremy’s least favorite fake holiday — May the 4th — and after he took in a similarly-themed match (and win!) at our local MLS venue, this force was definitely working through us on this episode. In it, we not only divulged our nerdy desires but also broke down the further […]

Just when we thought the top of the English table was settled, things have gotten interesting in City and Liverpool’s pursuit of the title. Just a few places below them, a royal rumble is unfolding for the coveted fourth spot as Spurs, Arsenal, and United see who can trip up the most as they chase […]

The promised land of World Cup qualification remains just over the horizon for the USMNT, but the Red, White and Blue are close enough that they can hear the screams of the migrant workers boisterous cheers awaiting them. On this week’s show, the guys look into qualification strategy ahead of the Yanks’ final matches. Plus, […]

Have a few spare billions burning a hole in your pocket? Then you could be the cool new owner of London’s Chelsea Football Club… presuming Roman is cool with you taking it off his hands. And on this week’s episode of the #Pondcast, D.J. and Jeremy ponder the potential buyers not named you and what […]