#Pondcast summer special 3: cincinnati soccer media roundtable


We’ve been talking about recording a podcast live at our favorite neighborhood soccer pub — friends and soccer evangelists, Rhinehaus, in Cincinnati’s Over-the-Rhine district — for just about as long as the #Pondcast has been around. And just as the stars finally aligned to make it a reality with a really cool cast of guests too… we realized it was way too loud to record there on a typical busy night.

But even though we had to divert to a location without beers on tap, we still had an amazing discussion with three additional members of the Cincinnati Soccer media — WVXU’s Tana Weingartner (@TanaWeingartner), The Enquirer’s Patrick Brennan (@PBrennanENQ) as well as former intern Charlie Hatch (@charliehatch_). And on the agenda was the incredible summer of soccer we’ve had here in the US and Southwest Ohio, all framed by the looming arrival of Crystal Palace in the Queen City for what is arguably the biggest ever event in Cincinnati soccer history.

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#Pondcast summer special 2: from santiago to east rutheford


One major international tournament is now over. Another major international tournament is now halfway through. So this seems as good of time as any to bust out our second #Pondcast Summer Special of 2016!

So what’s in store? D.J. and Jeremy welcome on Carlos Mojica (@CD_Mojica) of Centro Deportivo and Enganche podcast fame on to the show to talk about his experience covering the Copa América Centenario final and the rest of the tournament. We also delved into the US team’s performance in the Copa and where they go next. And we left plenty of time for the European Championships before getting into our Winners & Wankers once again.

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#Pondcast summer special: the donald trump of american soccer


Well, it took just a month for us to get the itch to get back together and record yet another #Pondcast. Which is good, because we literally had people asking about when the next one would drop. Never mind that there are two major international tournaments going on with the Euros and Copa Centenario, or that the USMNT aren’t doing too poorly in one of them either. There’s also the small matter of several domestic leagues to contend with, particularly ones that have teams in Ohio to reflect on. And though we advertised differently earlier on, we brought back our former intern and current Cincinnati Enquirer writer Charlie Hatch (@charliehatch_) to join in on the discussion.

Also, stay tuned for a few more summer specials… as there’s certainly no shortage of football to talk about this summer.

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WSOTP pod: this is not the greatest sports story ever


A new #Pondcast on a Tuesday isn’t something we’ve been able to pull off recently, but we’re back on schedule again — this week at least. On this latest episode, Adam Maloney (@maloneyam34) rejoins us-as a guest host again to reflect on Leicester City’s now official Premier League title and Spurs’ spursing it away to them by surrendering a two goal lead at Chelsea. The guys also spend some time chatting up the remaining fights for the remaining top four and relegation spots. Too, there was time to delve into the Champions League semifinals before rounding things up with the normal weekly segments, including an abbreviated return of Question of the Week.

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WSOTP pod: they’re gonna win the league

wsotp-podcast-3-34.fwThe thirty-fourth episode of the third season of the WSOTP Podcast clocks in at a little over 55 minutes, which will likely come as a relief for our listeners that sometimes tell us we’re a little long-winded. But what can you expect to find in this somewhat abbreviated episode? The guys discuss what looks to be the end of a Premier League title fight and Spurs readjusted priorities. Too, there was a rundown of the weekend’s MLS action. And how could we not mention last week’s USA-Guatemala World Cup Qualifier in Columbus, which both D.J. and Jeremy attended — though in very different capacities. The usual weekly segments make their appearances, too.

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WSOTP pod: soccer’s johnny appleseed


Cup competitions were at the fore this past week — FA Cup, UEFA Champions League, Copa América Centenario and even the FC Cincinnati’s preseason participation in the IMG Suncoast Pro Classic — and as such, they take up a sizable chunk of this week’s #Pondcast. But even with all of those tournaments, there was also ample time in this episode to leave room for an excellent conversation with special guest Peter Wilt. He joined us to talk about his time with Indy Eleven as well as share his new endeavors in trying to bring the NASL to Chicago. Plus your normal weekly segments are in there, too.

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WSOTP pod: shhh… leicester are for real


WSOTP Podcast - 3-27

Not sure if you’ve noticed or not, but I’m pretty sure Leicester are actually pretty damn good. I know, I know: Jeremy and D.J. both picked them to get relegated this season in the first episode of Season 3. But so did lots of other people, so let’s ignore that. And fittingly, the guys get into the realness of the Foxes in-depth this week in addition to all of the other premier League action. Too, there was time for talk about the USMNT’s unconvincing showing against Canada at the weekend. Weekly segments, are back as well, all in under an hour.

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WSOTP pod: we’re not going anywhere

WSOTP - Blog - Season 3 Episode 26.fw

As you may have noticed, I dropped some news yesterday. And because of that news, WSOTP will be through some pretty massive changes. But worry not — and it looks like many of you did — the #Pondcast isn’t going away! And to prove that point, we’re dropping another episode the day after the big news.

So what exactly is on this week’s episode? Despite the lack of Premier League action since our last show, there was ample going on in the footballing world for us to delve into. The USMNT played a game on Sunday, and (literally) a few people showed up to watch. There was also the FA Cup Fourth Round to contend with, even if there’s been a lack of upsets. And too, there are midweek Premier League games — some of them today — to look forward to as well. What about the closing of the January transfer window? Plus we asked you guys another question ahead of this episode, and you delivered with some excellent soccer culinary ideas.

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how much weight can you hold on your shoulders?

Stanford Crimson's Jordan Morris

When I think back to when I was a junior in college — sadly, over a decade ago at this point — and try to remember what responsibilities weighed heavily on me, my “burdens” were pretty typical of your average college aged guy.

There were of course my studies, which probably deserved higher priority than they received. There was also soccer, preparing for a senior season with high expectations having won the league that year. Of course there was a social life to attend to, too. There was a job working at the mall that was roughly 45 minutes away, but I couldn’t ever make the schedule work between it and the previous three balls I was juggling. And I might have started thinking about what I was going to do post graduation: where I was going to live, what kind of job was I going to land, and how I might be able to pay off the ever-increasing pile of student loans I was adding to. But probably not.

Millions of American kids are encumbered with similar concerns year after year, and most of us come out of it just fine. And the path to navigating those obstacles and choices is a well trodden one, with examples of friends and family to follow if need be. Plus we have the benefit of being able to make all of those decisions without the rest of the world scrutinizing them.

Unfortunately, Jordan Morris doesn’t have it so lucky.

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WSOTP pod: how many concussion symptoms am i showing?

WSOTP Podcast - How many concussion symptoms am i showing?

Though international breaks normally provide less action for us to orate about on our weekly #Pondcast, this last week of “break” was anything but. Off the pitch — but not by much — the guys touch on how the atrocity in Paris will have an impact on the professional game. Too, we also welcomed back FanDuel managing editor and sports injury specialist Will Carroll (@injuryexpert) to discuss recent US Soccer legislation aimed at reducing youth head injuries. On the pitch matters were discussed as well, with the USMNT’s return to World Cup qualifying, the NASL’s entertaining Soccer Bowl and European qualifying all in the mix.

For the first time in ages, we were blanked on the question front this week. So next week, we expect loads of questions and topic suggestions from you listeners! Got it? Good. So make sure to hit us up via the social media links at the bottom of the page, or drop an email to contact@wrongsideofthepond.com to send them along. And don’t forget to subscribe using the links below to automatically receive the newest podcast episode each Tuesday.

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