Wrong Side of the Pond started off as a simple blog: I wrote about soccer, people would read it. Nothing more, nothing less. But as time has worn on, it’s expanded beyond a home for my written works by accommodating my other creations. Chief among those: the many visuals I’ve made to help augment the words — written and spoken — on this site and elsewhere. Below you’ll find what will serve as an ever-growing collection of some of my personal favorites.

2018 - New 2018 Kits Players.fw

WSOTP - Rhinehaus Survival Sunday 2016
Home pub Rhinehaus hosted a 2016 Premier League survival day party, and I once again made some art for them.
WSOTP - FCC Match Poster - CharlotteFinal
The first ever match poster for FC Cincinnati, at the club’s inaugural home match in 2016.
WSOTP - Cincinnati Saints Matchday Poster 4
#4 in the Cincinnati Saints 2015 NPSL match poster series draws on the clubs supporters group, the Seven Hill Crusaders, welcoming their well-traveled foes from DCFC to Cincinnati.

WSOTP - Header - Designs Header.fw

North London Derby Negative
Click to see the full effect of my 2015 Spring North London Derby digital poster.
World Cup Final at Rhinehause
I frequently host watch parties at Rhinehaus in Cincinnati — here’s the digital poster for the 2014 World Cup Final.
Rhinehaus Classic Match Poster
A nod to historic match posters for the Chelsea-Tottenham match in March of 2014.
Derby Day 2014
Rhinehaus was split between Red and Blue/White in 2014.
WSOTP x USLrising
I made one for MLS, so I had to make one for the new USL logo too.
My own take on the new MLS logo.
WSOTP Transfer Windows for Dummies
I made a guide for the Transfer Window
Maradona on a Pommel Horse
While managing in the Middle East, Maradona completed acrobatic acts similar to this on the touchline.
WSOTP Cincinnati Shirt
The very first shirt design I came up with for the WSOTP Shop paid homage to the city of Cincinnati’s flag.

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