The much loved — and maligned — summer transfer window will be slamming shut over the weekend, which means we’ll see a bevy of rumors either materialize into reality or fail to come to fruition. And for that reason, supporters around the globe will either be praising the arrivals of new saviors or end up […]

Though I didn’t plan this out or anything, the fact that this week’s TWOL is very American-soccer heavy is oh-so-ironically perfect timing considering today is Veterans Day. That said of them, none of them have anything to do with veterans themselves. Anyway, many thanks from WSOTP to all of the veterans and current members of the armed forces […]

Last week was NCAA Championship week — for soccer at least — with both the Men’s and Women’s Division I National Championships taking place. Both were shown live on ESPN2 during (relatively) desirable Sundaly timeslots, yet another milestone in soccer’s slow and steady progress to mainstream acceptance in the States. The men’s final pitted a popular, perennial […]