As Americans, we’ve reached a weird point in the soccer calendar. Just as we’re getting warmed up to and getting a feel for the European season, we’re getting to “squeaky bum time” in the MLS season with the playoffs just around the corner. And because of that, it sure¬†seems like there’s more¬†news pouring out of […]

While, in general, tumors are pretty much universally regarded as bad for one’s health, some are far worse than others. The malignant kind are the nasty ones. Growing rapidly and spreading into other body tissues, these cancerous tumors are the kind nobody wants. But then there are benign ones, often times the less troubling tumors. […]

Sometimes I really wish I was a full-time journalist. You know, the type that works for one of the major media outlets and possesses an exponentially larger amount of clout than I currently posses. I’d be lying if I said the prestige and benefits of such a position weren’t some of the many reasons I’d […]

Not that I’m telling you anything new, but your average American sports fan’s knowledge of association football is extremely limited. Many, if not most, have literally zero knowledge about soccer. But if they do have just a bit of room in their brain for it after squeezing in as much knowledge about American idol, the […]