So this week’s Pic of the Week is several pictures, so I’m kind of cheating. But honestly, it would be pretty hard to deny any of the members of England’s so-called “Golden Generation” the opportunity to grace this sacred space on the week they all called time on their (mostly) glittering careers. I mean, could you […]

Autumn weather has finally descended upon the Ohio Valley at the tail end of this week, and it’s got me all psyched out. First off, this weekend is Oktoberfest here in Zinzinnati — one of the best reasons to live in this very German city — so I’ll be spending a majority of my weekend partaking […]

what a weekend. real madrid finally got over their scoring “drought” by slaughtering deportivo. tottenham staged another comeback win on the back of a van der vaart brace (i really, really hope this isn’t becoming a trend… it’s going to catch up with them eventually if so). and my sunday league team moved to the […]

We’re taking a small departure from my normal subject matter in this post,straying away from the headlines that are dominating other blogs. It’s a somewhat difficult thing to do right now in the world of football, considering the closing of the transfer window (another ho-hum window I might add… van der Vaart to Spurs the […]

while bob bradley was trying his best to make me look stupid last week (and just barely failing), good old michael owen seems to be taking my advice. all of the major news outlets out of england are reporting this morning that owen is currently at old trafford taking an “extensive” medical, ahead of a […]

How long and hard the fall from Europe’s elite must be for Michael Owen. Just a few years ago, the former Balon d’Or winner was making his “dream move” to Madrid to become Florentino Perez’s last Galactico. Well, the last of his last set of galactico’s anyway. He was arguably (one of) the most feared […]