As the sun slowly set behind the main stand of Wertz Stadium, it cast long shadows across portions of the pitch that provided little respite from the heat.┬áDespite the clock tipping just past the 7 o’clock hour, the players taking to the field last Tuesday night still faced a sweltering 93┬░ F — or 34┬░ […]

it’s been ten days of mixed emotions here at wrong side of the pond. while i’m obviously elated at spurs incredible displays during this time, the roller coaster ride prior to both dramatic final whistles makes me wonder how i didn’t suffer a heart attack. (tangent alert: i feel like the lillywhites are a shiny […]

I’ve got a secret to tell, but you have to promise not to tell anyone. Okay? Good. You see, I think I’m starting to like Bolton. (I’ll pause here for a minute to allow you to compose yourself. Take your time, I know how shocking this statement is.) I’ve never liked the Trotters. I can’t […]