The new US away kits officially dropped on Monday. It was impossible to miss, with images of the new blue-streaked shirts littered across social media by everyone from Nike, US Soccer, current mens and womens players to blogs, news agencies and randoms alike. But if you weren’t paying that close of attention, you could be […]

The much loved — and maligned — summer transfer window will be slamming shut over the weekend, which means we’ll see a bevy of rumors either materialize into reality or fail to come to fruition. And for that reason, supporters around the globe will either be praising the arrivals of new saviors or end up […]

If you’re anything like me, reading about soccer is one of your favorite past times. Whether its online news stories, browsing through footie-specific tweets, or my own website’s content — don’t worry, you won’t be the first to call me a narcissist¬†— I will read it. Probably twice. And though the advent of the internet […]

I freaking love Twitter. Probably more than I should. It’s an addiction I think. And a major part of my love for the social media service stems from — in my opinion at least — there’s really no better medium out there to discover and connect with fellow fans of the beautiful game. The use […]

The Euros are over, thus ending a three-week stretch where I’ve felt like I have been drowning in football. I mean, I’ve been seeing matches when I sleep… far more than normal, at least. I needed a break, which is something I never thought I’d say about the game. But the headlines just keep rolling […]

We’ve finally made it to the half century mark for my TWOL series. And to be honest, I’m not entirely sure if I should be celebrating that milestone, seeing as how the series exists simply because I’m a blogger who is too lazy to write his own original content all the time. Admittedly, I’ve been […]