This week’s episode is something of a surprise milestone for the WSOTP Podcast — this is our 50th overall episode! Since neither D.J. or Jeremy remembered that fact until they sat down to record Sunday night, we don’t have anything too special planned for the occasion. Luckily, we get to celebrate by talking about the epic Wenger-Mourinho […]

Season 1 Episode 20 The last podcast of 2013 sure was a doozy. On top of having to cover two eventful rounds of matches thanks in the Premier League’s hectic holiday schedule — Boxing Day fixtures plus a full slate of weekend matches — and D.J. and Jeremy hashing out their bests and worsts of […]

Football, at it’s most basic form, should be about nothing more than the sporting spectacle that takes place on rectangular patches of grass around the world. Though more often than not, we focus as much on the drama off the pitch as we do on it. Much is made of this dichotomy, and how the […]