ten words or less #44

barcelona's lionel messi wins the 2011 fifa ballon d'or

george castanza approves of messi's velvet suit.

Now that I’m sort-of fully settled into 2012 — I am admittedly still having trouble accidentally writing 2011 on everything, an annual challenge for sure — it’s time to ring in some minor changes around the blog. The largest of the changes is a new, fancy “Featured Posts” section, which highlights some of my bloggings that fall outside the realm of the standard essays on current events in and around the game. This new page is part of an overall effort I’ve undertaken to help improve site navigation and search… something nobody was complaining about yet I still felt the need to address.

OCD and ADD: it’s a powerful combination. Enjoy some links, now in doses of 10:

A forgotten hero fades into the dark. – nj.com

If there wasn’t football: Hodgson, Rooney, Mick, Gerrard, Rio, Beckham. – theoriginalwinger.com

Unique re-thinks of national team logos, by Pelé Sports. – creativeroots.org

The decision that saved MLS in 2002: contraction. – mlssoccer.com

Lesson learned? I still shouldn’t play in face paint. – inbedwithmaradona.com

The first foosball table I’ve wanted in 20 years. – 11thegame.com

This guy is buying everyone’s drinks this weekend. – timesofindia.com

Challenge for my buddy currently vacationing in Bogotá: find this. – domusweb.it

Like the Super Bowl Shuffle, but 100 times worse. – youtube.com

The question remains, how is Eto’o’s coverage compared to Verizon? – kckrs.com

ten words or less #12

for your benefit and mine, i will be limiting myself to only ten words on this event.

it’s been ten days of mixed emotions here at wrong side of the pond. while i’m obviously elated at spurs incredible displays during this time, the roller coaster ride prior to both dramatic final whistles makes me wonder how i didn’t suffer a heart attack. (tangent alert: i feel like the lillywhites are a shiny new redracer wagon that some neighborhood kid is speeding down the hill far too fast, the wheels just about to fall off, with only a few more exhilirating moments that will ultimately end in a heaping pile of disaster at the bottom of the hill. end tangent).

then of course there’s what happened in monday’s game in spain… actually i’ve decided i’m not going to talk much about el clásico. you can thank me later for sparing you an extra 2,000 words or so.

instead, i’ll give you less than 80. you’re welcome.

let’s get this over with: diagraming an epic ass kicking. – zonalmarking.com

this makes me laugh. a lot. – reddit.com/r/soccer

i want this for christmas. – inbedwithmaradona.com

conceding keeper deserves to be slapped. – sportpost.com

this is a realistic possibility for tomorrow. – studsup.com

on-field shart during the world cup? worst nightmare ever. – youtube.com

additional arshavin awesomeness. – dirty tackle @ yahoo.com

this is why bolton are doing so well this year? – thespoiler.co.uk