Welcome to WSOTP!

Welcome fellow soccer fan and thanks for scanning the QR to visit Wrong Side of the Pond… which someone may or may not have once claimed to be the single greatest soccer website in the history of the internet.

In addition to being the primary literary conduit of Cincinnati-based freelance soccer writer D.J. Switzer, WSOTP offers a number of other valuable resources for the discerning North American soccer fan:

WSOTP - QR Page - Maps
The WSOTP Soccer Pub Atlas
Finding a place to watch a match with your friends or fellow fans can often be a difficult task here in the States. So along with users from across the US and Canada, I launched the WSOTP Soccer Pub Atlas to help you find the you closest of over 230 soccer-friendly bars across the countries. And as a crowd-sourced directory, you have the ability to update the information and add new bars!
WSOTP - QR Page - Store
The WSOTP Shop
Readers asked for it, and now they’re here: in addition to the official blog gear, you can also find a growing number of soccer culture t-shirts in the WSOTP Shop. Check out the current designs, and be sure to check back for more in the future! Have an idea for a shirt that we don’t have yet… send it along and we’ll try to make that dream a reality.
The WSOTP MLS Stadium Guide
The largest undertaking thus far for the blog, I’ll be trekking around the US and Canada in an attempt to visit and review all of the stadiums being used by all 19 (and soon to be 20) MLS sides. Check the WSOTP MLS Stadium Guide to see my detailed look at Columbus’ Crew Stadium and Chicago’s Toyota Park, with more coming later this summer.
WSOTP PodcastThe WSOTP Pod
The latest project on the site, the WSOTP Pod will be a (mostly) weekly podcast focusing hosted by WSOTP writer/editor D.J. Switzer and WMOH 1450’s Jeremy Lance (@JeremyLance). We’ll cover a wide array of topics from around the world of soccer, but will mostly focus on the Premier League, Major League Soccer and US Soccer.

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