round up #2

i’ve been a busy boy the past week, so i haven’t had much time to do any writing. so here’s a quick news round up to make up for it…

cristiano ronaldo is right. it’s over for the premier league – telegraph
an interesting piece by the telegraph’s mike norrish, who makes a case for why the premier league might no longer be the best league in the world. pretty odd coming from a brit, but he makes some compelling arguments. the best? “united have replaced ronaldo and tevez with players from wigan and newcastle. liverpool have signed portsmouth’s right-back.” he also provides some sound logic in why ronaldo was right to leave for real. one of the better article’s i’ve read this year.

manuel almunia would love an england call up – the sun
i’ve heard it suggested before, but why the hell hasn’t capello called almunia in yet? he’s at least as good as robert greene, and is definitely better than paul

who is this man? im not sure madrid even knew
who is this man? i'm not sure madrid even knew

robinson. oh yeah, because the FA is not a fan of naturalizing players. even when they need to. everyone else is doing it england: quit being so snooty.

faubert unsure of future – sky sports
all i have to say is thank the flying spaghetti monster that julian faubert’s future is not at madrid. who the hell is this guy and why did madrid offer this west ham bench warmer a six month loan last january? let’s just say that i’m not missing the ramón calderón era.

david beckham confronts fan: video footage –
now granted, these are fans saying what david supposedly said. but the included video does seem to fit a lot of their descriptions. and booooooy does beckham look like quite a little girl as he confronts his l.a. galaxy fans booing him. not that david has had a good record with dealing with people fans upset with him or anything. you have a five year contract with l.a. you go on loan to milan and promise to be back in time for the start of the mls season. you change your mind and decide to come back about a third of the way through instead. then when you come back, you’re all pissed because your fans call you out?  this could be a long season for you mr. posh spice.

tomas rosicky finally made his comeback from injury – the sun
i couldn’t be more happy about this, as i’m a big fan of the czech winger. i loved watching arsenal play a few years ago when they had hleb and rosicky on the flanks.  it will be interesting and exciting to see how he’s going to play and combine with fabregas and arshavin in the arsenal midfield. the link play between those three could be breath taking. welcome tomas, stay healthy and entertain.

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  1. I couldn’t believe it when I heard Rosicky managed to come back, I just assumed he had the leg amputated and was done. My friend who’s an Arsenal fan swears he’s their best player when healthy. And what with Eduardo getting healthy, I think they can let Adebayor go now with minimal disruption


    1. haha! it sure semed like it at some points, didn’t it? every time wenger brought him up when speaking to the press, wenger would say there were further set backs. i was to the point where no set back would surprise me… “rosicky out another 3 months after a being mauled by a bear at a reserve match against ‘boro.”


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