table topping tottenham

I know that just by writing about this I’m jinxing everything.
I know that there is no conceivable way it will last.
I know that they’re eventually due a slump in form.
I know, I know… I know.

But seriously, how can I not say something about my Spurs sitting atop of the Premier League summit?!

defoes sizziling start has helped lift spurs to lofty heights
defoe’s sizziling start has helped lift spurs to lofty heights

At three weeks into the season, I’ve grown accustomed to going into September wondering how much longer it would be until the manager got the ax. The last few years have yielded awful starts to the seasons, with Spurs starting 0-2-1 last year and 1-2-0 in 2007 and 2006. These slow starts often left them languishing in the early relegation spots, creating low team morale and a heaping tons of pressure on the manager. Not only that, but the poor results meant that Tottenham always had a large hole to climb out of to meet the lofty expectations of fans and management alike.

Instead, Harry Redknapp’s men are soaring at astronomical heights, looking down at the rest of the pack for the first time I can ever remember. Three wins from three means Spurs have tabled their best start in the last 38 years, when they pulled a double in the 1960/1961 season.

Plus, I’m giddy with not only the results, but the play that earned them. Against Liverpool, we looked to be the superior side for nearly the entire match, Harry’s tactics effectively shutting down the reds’ offense. By pressuring their back four high up the pitch, Tottenham forced them into knocking it long which doesn’t suit dynamic duo Steven Gerrard and Fernando Torres’ games. The entire team looked fantastic in the 5-1 drubbing of Birmingham (as they should against newly-promoted competition). And while the team wasn’t near as competent against West Ham, the comeback victory was a tell tale sign of a club that is finally sorting itself out. The Yids have lacked the fighting spirit and confidence the last few years to produce those kinds of results back-to-back-to-back.

Sure, some of the results have had their elements of luck, with Carlton Cole’s wonderful “assist” for Jermaine Defoe’s leveler against the Hammers coming to mind (check this video around the 0:17 mark). But the players are playing very well with one another. Wilson Palacios has finally shored up the left flank, while Aaron Lennon has further locked down the right. Bassong has settled in nicely and will challenge Woodgate for the starting position when he returns from injury, even providing a stunning debut goal against Liverpool. Luka Modrić has been brilliant directing the Spurs attack, earning rumors of a summer move to Manchester United. And Defoe is in the form of his life, topping the goal scoring charts with four goals… which if continued will surely earn him a potential move to Manchester City in January.

back off man utd, you cant take luka like you did berbatov and carrick
back off man utd, you can’t take luka like you did berbatov and carrick

Trust, though, that I haven’t gone crazy. I’m by no means expecting Spurs to bring home the Premier League silverware this year. I wrote a week ago that Tottenham seem to be the most likely club to challenge the traditional big four this season, and I think the results so far prove my thinking isn’t far off. They should be aiming for fourth place, and hoping they land at least inside the Europa League places. ‘Arry Redknapp seems to agree.

But like the rest of the Yid Army, I need to be wary of their hot start. Just ask the Aston Villa (2008/2009) and Manchester City (2007/2008) faithful how their teams’ respective early season results in the last few years worked out for them. Let’s not forget that early season form can often be lost, right Hull City?

But let a fan enjoy his team’s success for now. It’s nice to sit at the top, if only for a little while.

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