i’m alive

hello to all of my infrequent visitors, and sorry i haven’t posted in the last week or so. you’re probably very happy to hear that i haven’t:

a) died from the swine flue (though i have been sick with some non-pig-related bug),
b) given up writing the blog (though maybe you think i should) or
c) forgotten how desperate you all are to read my next piece (though i realize that this is only true in my head).

it’s been a busy ten days here on the wrong side of the pond. my real world job has been owning my life lately, i went to new york city to visit my sister, and have been battling my mystery ailment. so it’s been difficult not only to share my grandiose thoughts about the footballing world here, but it’s made it very difficult to even watch a professional match or two to even have any thoughts about in the first place.

(side note: i did however watch a ncaa d3 match in hoboken, nj, between stevens institute of technology and ithaca college. wettest. game. ever. i’ve never seen water pool on a turf field like that. unreal amounts of rain fell. anyway, stevens won the match 3-0 after an hour long rain delay. they have a kid up front that could be pretty damn good if he had a solid work ethic. terence johnson, if you find your way here, start working harder and you could be a solid player.)

anyway, i’ve got a few posts that are brewing right now. hopefully you’ll see a few out in the next few days if i can find some free time. so don’t forget about me here and check back soon. in the mean time, enjoy the following video:

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