round-up #9

judging from my lack of posts as of late, i wouldn’t blame you if you thought i had been kidnapped by mexican drug lords or that i was eaten alive by a rogue bear. but as you can see from my recent postings that neither has been the case, though i am sorry that i’ve left you all anxiously awaiting my next epic piece. so to reward those of you diligent enough to continue visiting through my barren stretch, i’m giving you two whole posts in less than 24 hours. and what better way to cap off my marathon writing exhibition than to drop you another footballing news round-up! i know, my generosity is just too much sometimes.

harry rejects rio rumors –
seeing how manchester united’s normally predictable defensive penchant has gone missing for most of the season so far, many have blamed rio ferdinand’s uncharacteristic mistakes in the back as a primary reason for his team’s defensive shortcomings. it certainly seems that rio has caught the poor-form bug from jamie carragher, the england center back’s displays have made him the perfect subject for tabloid transfer fodder.

and where else would the papers be picking him to land other than at my spurs. after all, ‘arry redknapp gave ferdinand his big break while the two were at west ham about a half century ago, so picking tottenham as a potential destination isn’t that far of a stretch. the tottenham gaffer was quick to dispell the rumors, and rightfully so. first off, a small dip in form from one of the most consistent center backs in the world is no reason to sell him yet, and united certainly won’t be ready to make that gamble. but more importantly (for me at least), why would tottenham want to throw money at another oft-injured center back? the only reason i can think would be to give ledley king and jonathan woodgate some more company in the training room…

where did the recent thierry henry to MLS rumors come from? –
i can’t deny it: i love the idea of former arsenal hitman thierry henry moving to MLS next year. i absolutely love it more than any other juicy transfer rumor

henry facing new york last summer. could the frenchman be gearing up for a move to MLS next summer?

in the world right now. i don’t even care what team he ends up with (save for LA), though 99% of the rumors have him landing with red bull new york. however, as the article above so clearly implies, this story is nothing but a rumor based upon more rumors. there doesn’t seem to be a shred of factual evidence or resources that say henry or his people or barça are even discussing the issue. but i’ll tell you one thing: if he does come, it will put my butt in an MLS stadium next season to watch him play. this is the kind of use of MLS’s designated player rule that i can truly appreciate, and the article says it perfectly:

He could be described as the David Beckham for people who actually like football instead of celebrity.

couldn’t have said it better myself. so let’s make it happen MLS. i guarantee new york’s fans are begging you. i bet juan pablo angel would beg you if you asked him in private. and i’m definitely begging you.

robinho’s £6 million loan –
so it looks like the cry baby will finally get his wish after all. man city’s brazilian winger spent the last few weeks publicly pining for a move to his former club’s hated rivals, and it looks like all of his whining has been worth it. feeling under appreciated in the spanish capital (or in reality, tired of facing the criticism for having not made as much of an impact as he should have while playing for madrid), robinho forced his way out of real and thought he was heading to his preferred destination of chelsea.

however, thanks to city swooping in at the last minute with a superior bid, madrid delightfully sold him to a team that they knew they would not have to face in the champions league for at least a few years. brilliant move by the spanish giants: more money and less risk. it’s pretty much common knowledge that robinho was disappointed with being sold to man city from the first minute he stepped off the plane in england.

my guess is that with the £6 million barca will pay man city for the 6 month loan in january, city will also get yaya toure and more cash in the summer in an eventual full sale of the winger. personally, i’m sad that his “personal hell” looks to be coming to a close… it’s what he deserved.

sounders fc gadget for windows –
while surfing the interwebs for soccer news the other day, i came across this interesting tidbit. microsoft’s recently released windows 7 operating system is making a waves in the computing world, and suprisingly in the world of soccer too. microsoft built the sounders their very own gadget/widget for the windows 7 desktop that gives fans quick access to bounty of info about the team (news, schedule, stats, roster, etc.). with microsoft just down the road from seattle, the club being owned primarily by one of microsoft’s former big wigs paul allen, and the team’s jersey sponsor being microsoft’s xbox gaming platform, it’s not really that surprising that microsoft would do something this cool for a very well supported club. and while i’m an apple-fanboy through and through, i definitely would like to see more of this type of exposure available for all MLS teams.

smithy meets the england football team –
a gem of a comedy video featuring some of the england squad’s biggest stars, featuring comedian james corden from the BBC’s gavin & stacey. i’m sold whenever, and i repeat whenever, someone rips on john terry to his face. trust me, it’s well worth the watch.

(props to nic for giving me the heads up on this video… thanks!)

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