ten words or less #7

old man edgar looks stoked to be at crystal palace, doesn't he?

europe is in full swing now, with the last of the major european leagues kicking off this weekend. my spurs pulled off their second miracle in less than four months by qualifying “spanking young boys” in the second leg of their champions league qualifier. so needless to say, i’m in a pretty upbeat mood. so to celebrate the full-scale arrival of the new european season, here’s another ten words or less to guide you around the football landscape before the weekend kicks off.

someone tell robinho that THIS is how professionals behave. – theoffisde.com

this can’t really be what puts england’s bid ahead, right? – guardian.co.uk

i support this bit of brilliance. – annenbergfoundation.com

twitter’s newest feature: be edgar david’s agent. – thespoiler.co.uk

more of this… we need much more of this. – grandesports.com

i’m certainly immature enough to laugh at this. – funnyfootballstuff.co.uk

boo f**king hoo. – whoateallthepies.co.uk

interesting: dollars per point ranking of all EPL teams. – footbalistic.com

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