ten words or less #17

why would rino think getting in this guy's face is a good idea?!?!

After a week of spectacular (and high stress) Champions League football, I feel like we need a break from the serious. So today’s TWOL will focus on the lighter side of the world of football. Well, I think the following links are light… A.C. Milan fans might disagree.

Kanye/soccer post? Love it, even if a bit forced. – unprofessionalfoul.com

“SMASHED IT!” — lol. – studs-up.com

I get how they would think this was real. – guardian.co.uk

Someone buy this for Gattuso. – shotdeadintheahead.com

The Unofficial Football World Championship… WTF. – ufwc.co.uk

Proof that John Carew has a vagina. – metro.co.uk

Support Grant Wahl for FIFA president, for real. -si.com

Meet Lee Trundle: the Welsh Premier League’s “David Beckham”. – inbedwithmaradonna.com

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