i want to be in that number!

tottenham's michael dawson and william gallas celebrate their champions league victory.
a man hug i wish i could take part in.

“…oh when the spurs… come…. marching…. in!!!!!”

it’s safe to say that i’m still on a high from last night’s result at white hart lane. and i want to apologize to those readers who aren’t spurs fans before i get too much farther, as this is nothing more than a gloating, celebratory post. as a fan, i deserve this gloating for several reasons:

  • last night was one of the most anxiety filled evenings that i can remember.
  • it’s entirely possible that i will never see tottenham make it this far on europe’s biggest stage ever again.
  • i’ve never really gloated on my blog before.

by no means was this the prettiest performance that spurs have put in this term, but it was most definitely one of their most determined.

describing tottenham’s first half as a train wreck would be kind. the side looked completely discombobulated by milan’s attacking mindset, so different from their last encounter. how they survived the onslaught in the first half, i’m not really sure. this is especially true when you consider that gomes apparently thought to himself, “tonight would be a great time to take a stroll to the edge of the box. kung-fu gallas is back there to defend my empty net!”

tottenham hostpur's william gallas clears a.c. milan goal off of the line.
this is what a heart attack looks like.

the second half was a slightly better story, as far as attractiveness goes. harry houdini made some manificent adjustments at half time, somehow tightening up the ship. this included some pivotal subbing, in particular the bringing on of a defensively-oriented gareth bale and an energized jenas for the completely gassed pienaar and an ineffective van der vaart. harry then proceeded to twitch so much in the second half that i had a seizure.

the magnificence of sandro (who, i may remind you, i think deserves to see more starts than he’s getting) and the steady consistent play of dawson and gallas in the back served as the tipping point in holding on to the aggregate lead. the men in lillywhite showed grit that even i thought they were short on.

now tottenham hotspur, that other side from north london, are the kings of milan. they made it this far, so you can forgive them –and me– for dreaming of being eventually crowned kings of europe.

for the time being, i’m intentionally ignoring the sleeping beast that likely awaits us in the quarter finals. please allow me to indulge in the sweet taste of european glory for just a bit longer. allow me to bask in the aura of a victorious european night at the lane. there will be plenty of time for me to deal with whatever monster we’ll be facing next once that announcement is made.

in the mean time, enjoy this spurs-themed, mini-ten word or less:

winning ugly is still winning. – zonalmarking.net

an artistic masterpiece depicting an on field masterpiece. – twitter.com/#/RikkiLeaks

also an artistic masterpiece. – caughtoffside.com

i’ll take this type of problem any day. – bleacherreport.com


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