ten words or less #19

Michael Laudrup, King of the Sexy Pass.
masters of the sexy pass: if xavi is the new guardiola, then guardiola was the new laudrup.

i hate mondays. if you’re anything like me, it’s so hard to focus on one’s responsibilities as we struggle to recover from a weekend full of debauchery (a.k.a. a hangover), laziness (which requires me to turn my brain back on), and/or f.a. cup events (which, due to spurs’ early exit, has me less than invested). to help ease you back into the work week, below are some good links to use as you slack when you’re not quite productive enough.

if i designed my sunday league kits, they’d be this. – footballshirtculture.com

the forgotten barça starlet: bojan krkic. – therunofplay.com

this is brilliantly simple plan. – totalsoccershow.com

high fashion. – beautifulgear.com

soccer porn (that’s safe for work). – theguardian.co.uk

if he chooses terek gronzy over spurs, i will hate. – theoffside.com

probably won’t inspire confidence prior to a national title defense. – thecrew.com

fc borne bid for messi, bend everyone out of shape. – guardian.co.uk

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