ten words or less #22

tottenham's gomes fumbles ronaldo's shot into the net.
gomes' butter fingers are no good for his confidence.

sometimes i feel like an irresponsible blogger when i post link-themed articles back-to-back. yes, it’s lazy. but i can’t even begin to tell you, nor do i think i need to, how much easier they are to write. in the case of these “ten words or less” postings, i only have to come up with a maximum of 80 words of soccer content to adequately get the job done. compared to a typical post that ranges between 1100 and 2000, which require far more editing (of which they could definitely use more), i don’t have to stay up past my bed time to get these things finalized.

also, i’m sad about tottenham being knocked out of the champions league.

so quit judging me for taking the easy road out. after all, at least you don’t have to read as much.

spurs are being linked with imaginary players. great. – inbedwithmaradona.com

left out “doesn’t play well with west ham’s frank lampard.” – reddit.com/user/ProseB4Hoes

football jokes visualized. worth a nerd chuckle. – footballvenndiagrams.tumblr.com

if you ask me, villa’s problems run deeper than friedel. – soccernet.com

these will never work. – dirty tackle @yahoo.com

kaka’s undershirt now reads, “i belong to am jesus” – dirty tackle @ yahoo.com

terrifying talk. – guardian.co.uk

must be fake. not even beckham is that good. – soccerlens.com

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