ten words or less #26

kevin prince boateng and his son jermaine
is it safe to leave children with prince based on what we know about him now?

There are definitely weeks where I could spit out like three ten words or less, and this is one of them. I have to admit that I love all of these little odds and ends type stories that permeate out of the game. And with titles being won and fates being sealed this week, there are tons of little bits to highlight churning out the media mill at the moment.

Also, not a single one of these links is a transfer rumor. Odd for this time of year, don’t you think?

Kevin-Prince Boateng has some smooth moves. – dirty tackle @ yahoo.com

When I open a bar, this will be in it. – youtube.com

Derp. – zenfs.com

Can we charge this author with footy treason? – soccerlens.com

This is the best MLS rivalry by miles. – soccerbyives.com

Manchester City might be calling you an idiot. – mcfc.co.uk

Cheeky shit: I love it. – theoffside.com

Shaking head… he is a typical Scouser at heart. – unprofessionalfoul.com

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