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jurgen klinsmann dances
let's just say i wasn't as jazzed up for the start of the season as klinsmann was.

Today is the opening day of the Premiership… for Tottenham Hotspur at least. After a riot-induced (How often do we see that as a reason for a postponement these days?) nine day delay to the start of the season meant that I was a little less emotionally invested in the other matches than I normally would have been. Sure, it did me a favor by extending my deadline for my annual Tottenham-sucks-at-transfer-windows post. But I didn’t quite get sucked into games as I was unsure of how it would affect Spurs league standing.

But, even with that delay, I still couldn’t manage to get this post out while the stories are fresh and relevant. Oh wells, I have the lazy.

Q.P.R. Fans Statement –
This is what Premier League football is turning into and it’s disgusting. No club and their fans, especially not for a club as rich in history as Queens Park Rangers, should have to endure the type of disrespectful treatment by their owners as is happening at Loftus Road.

What we are currently seeing out of the QPR ownership is the same type of vision of professional soccer that was shared by the former American owners Gillette and Hicks: a profit machine.

The club has raised ticket prices for both home and visiting fans. No new kits or sponsorships have come in this summer. They’ve fefused to spend money on transfers any longer, despite the influx of Premier League riches into the club’s coffers. Their stadium is a train wreck. Maybe the new owners will change all of that, but I wouldn’t go holding my breath if I were a Hoops fan.

Remember when Rafa was complained about not being able to spend? This is that attitude taken to the extreme. The owners are probably thinking, “Even if we go down, we still pocketed all of that money. Hell, we’ve even got parachute payments coming in the next three years to further line our pockets!”

So we go now from clubs screwing over their fans, to clubs screwing over the system…

Man City Etihad Deal: Evading financial fair play? –
Remember when everyone freaked out when City were bought by the sheikhs, as they would come in and ruin the game with their money? Well, if you are at all like me, you probably felt somewhat safer from the Citizens’ new found bottomless pit of money when UEFA president Michel Platini announced that the Financial Fair Play initiative. It’s sole purpose was to prevent clubs from being able to game the transfer market, buying anyone and everyone their hearts desire because they’ve got more money than the US government owes in debt.

UEFA are at least showing some fortitude by declaring they’re looking into the matter, but whether the governing body intends to enforce any of it’s financial restrictions is another matter entirely.

And from those who are screwing to those who we want to… well, er… those who we find attractive.

alex morgan's boyfriend called out
one of these lucky seattle sounders is not so worried about being called out for dating the hot lady in the picture.

Off The Market: Servando Carrasco & Alex Morgan Are Dating –
Undoubtedly dissapointing news for male soccer fans across the US and A, our newest footie eye candy has been officially confirmed as “unavailable” according to the sexperts on Kickette. Not that it really mattered to me, as I’m happily married to my lovely wife who I wouldn’t leave for Alex if she wanted me to.

But really, how awesome is the assistant coach for the Sounders that made the entire team get off the bus to bust Carrasco’s balls about his girlfriend being more famous than him. I would want to play for that guy.

Anyway, if I was one of those obsessed with Alex Morgan  — because I’m not, right dear? — I wouldn’t give up hope just yet. I don’t see anything about this relationship on Morgan’s Facebook page. And we all know, if it isn’t on Facebook, it isn’t official.

As you might have heard, and can certainly understand, Miss Alex has been receiving a number of engagement proposals lately. Some even from Fabio (the model, not the player) and the Old Spice Guy. How you could turn those down, I don’t know. But I do know that that this method of advertising works…

Chivas Spice –
If you are the least bit like me (which I’m guessing you are, because you’re reading my soccer blog), then your probably loved the amazing Old Spice commercials that have been pumping the company’s line of self cleansing products to the masses over the last year. Apparently, the suits at Chivas USA’s felt the same way and decided that they could sell a boatload of tickets if they replicated Old Spice’s efforts.

Just because I already had a full bottle of soap in my shower when the original soap commercials first aired, that doesn’t mean I didn’t immediately rush out to buy some Old Spice product after viewing it. That’s why now, even though I live across the country from the Home Depot Center, I feel it absolutely necessary to purchase tickets to a Chivas USA match. Brilliant marketing (even when borrowed) works.

MLS team’s are way more fiscally reliant on marketing than most professional sports franchises here in the states, as the league’s has an uphill battle when it comes to attracting new viewers from the traditional stalwarts like the MLB, NBA, NFL and NHL. So that why I get jazzed when I see clubs pull out all of the stops on their websites…

Montreal Impact Virtual Venue –
First off, the classy redesign of Montreal’s logo continues the trend of MLS’s Canadian franchises getting an A+ in the branding department. The club’s newly re-designed site is very well laid out and comes with all of the bells and whistles that we’ve all come to expect from proper major league franchises.

As Montreal prepares for it’s maiden season as MLS’ 19th club, they’ve put up an awesome virtual tour of the soon-to-be renovated Stade Saputo on their site. The tour gives visitors the ability to explore the stadium’s views from every single section in the stadium. Is there a better way to convince potential season-ticket holders to buy than to provide them with the ability to see the field from their potential seats? Curiously though, the views from the corporate boxes are not available, though… perhaps they’re shit seats?

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