As both a fan and writer of the beautiful game, I often find that striking a balance between writing about topics I’m personally concerned with (Spurs!) and writing posts that appeal to a wider audience (anything not Spurs) to be a pretty difficult task. And since the dawn of WSOTP, I’ve generally tried to avoid posting back to back Tottenham articles for that very reason.

The Fighting Cock

So since my last post was focused on the Lillywhites, that means this post shouldn’t be, right? Well actually, I’m going to quasi-break my own rule. You see this newest Spurs article I’ve written isn’t on this site; it’s actually on another site.

BOOM… loophole.

While I know that many of you rely solely on my blog to stay up to date on the latest happenings in the world’s game (I kid), there are actually other blogs out there, too. Shocking, eh? As it turns out, many of them are actually quite good too. One of my favorites happens to be The Fighting Cock, a podcast/blog run by eight Spurs fans based in the UK. And to my bewilderment, the lot have been kind enough to allow me to pen a guest post on their blog.

So if you’d wouldn’t mind hearing me rant on again about Tottenham for another 1500 words or so, click here to read “Clearing the hurdles” on →

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