and the winner is…

WSOTP's Contest Winner
instead of having my wife pull the winner’s name out of a hat, originally i had much more grand plans for the announcement. they fell through.

Well I have to admit, running these giveaways are a quite the experience. It’s exciting for me, to see all of this interaction with readers, both new and veteran alike. The idea of giving something away to all of you — aside from my extremely valuable words and thoughts, of course — is admittedly pretty fun. And after a week’s worth of anticipation, tonight’s the night I have the privilege announce which one of you lucky Wrong Side of the Pond Facebook fans get’s to take home the prize.

But first, a big shout out is in order for our sponsor for this giveaway, protective sports apparel company Storelli Sports. Being completely honest, I’m pretty jealous of the winner getting to take home a free pair of their BodyShield Sliders… I’ve been eyeing them myself for a while now. And let’s be honest, without our good friends at Storelli, all of you would be stuck with nothing more than the aforementioned words and thoughts.

So, the winner… right?

Fifty-three readers signed up for the giveaway, twenty-three of which were brand new fans of the blog. And perhaps fittingly, it was one of those new readers who get’s to take home the prize. So it’s with great pleasure that I can announce that the winner of our Wrong Side of the Pond giveaway is:

WSOTP-Storelli Giveaway Winner Brad McNutt

Congratulations, Brad! We’ll be in touch with you soon to arrange to have your free pair of Storelli BodyShield Sliders sent you. And since I happen to know Brad is a big Newcastle fan, let’s just consider this a peace-offering when Spurs march out of St. James’ Sport Direct Park on August 18th with three points under their belts.

For all the rest of you new Facebook fans, and those of you who’ve been around for a while, stick around. I promise it’ll be worth your while. Cheers!

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