ten words or less #58

US National Team Celebrating at Azteca
two things i learned today: 1) the USMNT can win in the azteca, 2) jermaine jones likes to celebrate like a boss with his oxygen tank.

Though I’m admittedly still on a bit of an adrenaline high just over two hours after the United States’ “historic” win in the Azteca — I won’t elaborate further on it, as tonight’s win has spawned another full-length post where I’ll delve into the topic in greater detail. But it still feels good to beat Mexico, even if it was just a friendly.

So, as is typically the case, I’ve got a TWOL to bridge the gap. And it’s a good thing, as there’s a load to talk about. I’d be positively giddy for the start of the Premier League season, were it not for Spurs recurring ineptitude with transfer dealings. Ligue 1 is back in action already, where Ibrahimović netted a brace to save PSG’s rich asses in a come from behind draw with Lorient. One of Chris Rolfe’s two goals against the Union at the weekend is an MLS Goal of the Week candidates (vote for him in the first link below, okthx). And in Italy, there’s more match fixing… though I suppose that’s almost to be expected at this point. Anyway, the on with the links…

For real though, vote for Rolfe’s goal. – mlssoccer.com

Levy waits this long for only “£26m plus add-ons”?!?! – guardian.co.uk

Miniboro provided a smart “faux campaign” for Tailored by Umbro. – miniboro.com

MLS is one step closer to their dream of NY2. – newyorkpost.com

The Fat Spanish Waiter analyzes the rise of English tiki-taka. – rafabenitez.com

The things pro athletes throw their money away on… – football-italia.net

His ego knowing no bounds, Eric Wynalda interviews… himself. – kckrs.com

Maksim Molokoedov: Chile’s first professional Russian player AND prisoner.
– dirtytackle.net

As an aspiring journalist, this would be a freaking dream. – theoriginalwinger.com

Pia has some leverage, and she intends to use it. – shekicks.net

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