this is silly season

Whether you’ve noticed or not, I’ve made a concerted effort this summer not to litter the blog with posts about transfer speculation, in particular as it pertains to Tottenham Hotspur Football Club. Part of my reason for that is to try to avoid boring my non-Spurs-supprorting readers with endless ranting and sobbing about our inactivity in the transfer market. But the other reason for it is so I don’t drive myself mad by over analyzing mooted targets and moves that potentially won’t even happen.

will anyone else be putting pen to paper for tottenham in the next week or so? if you believe the media, just about everyone.

In some respects it’s been fairly easy to not comment on Spurs transfers simply because they knocked out a few early in the summer. Vertonghen’s semi-protracted acquisition  followed after an out-of-left-field snagging of Gylfi Sigurðson. Which means I didn’t have to spend the first third of my summer worrying about whether we will or won’t make any signings this window like I normally do. And just as it seemed as if we would be spared Spurs’ typically last-minute wheeling and dealings, Levy’s ability to stretch out a second Modrić saga shows that it probably had as much to do with him as it did with old ‘Arry.

So with the first round of fixtures already in the history books — and a predictable loss due at least partially to the current squad deficiencies — and just a week left to conclude any lingering deals, we’ve officially entered Silly Season. It’s the period of time right before the close of the transfer window where fans start to panic due the lack of signings, and the press feeds on their insecurities by linking the club to everyone under the sun. A window of time within a window of time, if you will.

For Tottenham, most of the names are the usual suspects we’ve been linked to in the papers over the last year. Only this time there’s a “new bid for” or “late swoop for” placed in front of the prospective signing’s name in the headline. Mixed in among them are a few pulled-from-a-hat big names that may or may not have any truth behind them. And for each of them, I fall hook, line and sinker. My hopes skyrocket. He could be the missing piece of the puzzle! We’re gonna win the league if we sign this kid!

The quantity of links itself is astounding in its own right. In fact, here’s a quick run down of all the players I’ve seen linked to Spurs this week alone.

AVB finally signed one striker… will more follow?

Emmanuel Adebayor – Manchester City
The deal that would never get done, but everyone knew would, is finally done. An extremely shrewd bit of business out of Levy, supposedly only having to fork over £5 million to City for a guy who contributed 17 goals and 12 assists last season. And though his salary from Spurs hasn’t been announced, we do know the Mancs are still paying him £80k a week to make up for lost wages. Considering Wolves got around £12m for Steven Fletcher, who tallied just 12 goals and 2 assists last season, Ade’s price is a steal.
Status: Signed on Permanent Deal

Leandro Damião – Internacional
Consistently linked to Spurs each of the last two transfer windows, it’s not surprising  to us linked once again to the Brazilian poacher. This probably would have been a done deal for a somewhat reasonable price already had Leandro not bagged the Olympic tournament’s Golden Boot, which means Inter now feel justified in requesting a club record fee for his services. Will Levy finally bite the bullet and splash the £20m needed to do so? With just Ade, Defoe and Kane on the books in the attack at the moment, we better hope so.
Status: Just as Likely to Happen as it is to Fall Through

Grant Holt – Norwich City
While the big lug tried to force his way out of the club after Paul Lambert departed for Aston Villa, it seems he’s settled back in to his role of being Norwich’s main man again. Which is fine by me, because I don’t want us spending big to obtain a 31-year-old striker who’s had just a single season of top-flight experience. Leandro’s young, I can justify spending money on him… but not Holt. While I admire his industrious nature and terrific work rate, he’s just not good enough or young enough to pin our hopes on.
Status: Panic Buy/Media Fact Fabrication

Robert Lewandowski – Borussia Dortmund
He’s the star striker for the two-time defending Bundesliga champions, he’s playing in the Champions League AND he turned down Manchester United’s advances. Umm, I’m pretty sure this one is simply being thrown about to rattle some supporters into a frenzy.
Status: Not Gonna Happen

Willian – Shakthar Donetsk
More of an attacking mid than a striker, Willian was mightily impressive for Shakthar during their Champions League run two seasons ago. A guy who can play both through the middle (a potential Luka replacement) and on the right wing (someone who can spell Lennon), he could be a very useful signing. AVB actually attempted to sign Willian during his time at Chelsea, but was rebuffed with a lofty £20m asking price… something our chairman is considers too high a price. Though it is a lower asking price than what’s being asked for the next guy.
Status: We’ll Make Him Fit IF It Actually Happens

Porto's Moutinho
moutinho is our ideal deep-lying playmaker replacement, but we’re running out of time to snap him up.

João Moutinho – Porto
Supposedly our Luka-replacement “Plan A” the majority of the summer, Porto look very intent on either holding on to their playmaker, or holding out for a massive pay-day to let him go. With a rumored buyout clause of £30m that Porto seem to be sticking to, he does makes Willian’s price tag seem a little more reasonable. Problem is, I much prefer him to the Brazilian, as he’s one of the finest central midfielders in Europe. I also worry that if he is our top priority once Modrić goes, that there won’t be enough time left in the window to get the job done.
Status: Hope Remains… But Fading Fast

Fernando Llorente – Athletic Bilbao
I want Leandro more than any other striker in the world right now: he’s not only quick for a big man, but he’s a fantastic finisher and skilled enough to tiki-taka too. Which means the Athletic line-leader would be the perfect fit for an AVB Spurs side. However, Juventus have been standing at the front of his queue for quite a while now, and they offer what he desires: Champions League football. Sigh. Not only that, but with Adebayor playing in the exact same role as Llorente, it’s unlikely that either would want to be the other’s understudy.
Status: Dreamers Dreaming

Maroune Chamakh – Arsenal
Between being a Gooner and the copious amounts of grease that will likely drip off his hair and ruin the lockeroom carpet at the new training ground, I just can’t fathom the thought of this potential signing. Chamakh’s reputation is built entirely on just two good seasons at Bordeaux, but since moving to the Woolwich he’s done nothing but prove he’s not quite up to snuff. To be honest, whoever made up this link is a sick, sick bastard. 
Status: Vomit Everywhere if This Happens, Which it Won’t

Will any of these players actually end up in Lillywhite? Aside from Adebayor, because, well… he is now. I don’t know the answer to that. But if previous windows are of any help to us, I’d be willing to wager that Daniel Levy will make us wait all the way until 11:59pm on August 31st to find out.

Hang on to your butts people… Silly Season is in full swing.

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