ten words or less #61

Clint Dempsey and his "Deuce Face"
the mere suggestion that there’s been too much footie on lately should immediately inspire “deuce face” like reactions from all of us.

If you’re anything like me, you’ve had a busy schedule lately. Between all of the normal fall activities that need to take place (raking the leaves, wrapping up the amateur league outdoor season, drinking at tailgates, etc.) and real world work, there’s hardly enough time to take in the copious amounts of Champions / Europa League and World Cup qualifying matches that we’ve been treated to lately. Then I remember that, as a guy that claims he’s on the wrong side of the pond because of the lack of football coverage, I’m not really allowed to bitch about having too much soccer to watch. Right?


So with the idea of “there’s never too much soccer” firmly implanted in our heads, feel free to enjoy some of the best links I’ve unearthed from around the game over the last week to feed your never-ever ending thirst for information about the game.

For the U.S. to progress, choices have to be made. – nytimes.com

Arsenal’s 14 minute flight to Norwich to avoid traffic jams? – telegraph.co.uk

Good guy, Nemanja Vidić. – sportwitness.ning.com

Nike finally pawns off Umbro… will their renaissance will continue?
– footballshirtculture.co.uk

More like the Final Sunset for England’s “Golden Generation”. – grantland.com

Porto’s Miguel Lopes lets you know exactly what he thinks. – dn.pt

Positive developments in the works for the US Soccer pyramid? – mlssoccer.com

Not to self: do not try to rob Leonardo Bonucci. – dirtytackle.net

Nike took Özil to court over his wearing Adidas boots. – soccerreviews.com

Extremely well done stadium art from the always brilliant @miniboro.
– thebeautifulgear.com

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