pic of the week

FC Zurich's Loris Benito and the Marten

Today marks the birth of “Pic of the Week”, yet another recurring series of posts here on WSOTP. Each Monday, I plan to post my favorite picture from the previous week’s football happenings. Sometimes it might be a momentous moment, other times it might be a bit silly. This week’s picture, falls into the latter category.

Above you’ll find FC Zürich’s Swiss defender Loris Bento wrestling with — and being bitten by — a marten, a weasel-like critter indigenous to central Europe. The little guy made it out onto the pitch in the home side’s match against FC Thun not just once, but three separate times. The second such break out was ended when Bento made a diving snag on the tiny beast to the crowd’s delight. But as we see here, his reward for doing so was a chomp from the marten on his finger. And yes, there is video. Zürich went on to win the match 4-0… and presumably Loris to the doctor to have his shots renewed.

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