so who exactly won that WSOTP shop grand opening giveaway?

The WSOTP Shop Giveaway Draw
i held a virtual version of the champions league draw to electronically select the winner of the latest WSOTP giveaway!

Opening a webstore is a lot work. Not only do you have to come up with desirable products, select an online vendor (if you’re not savvy enough to build one yourself, like me), design the layout, and set up online payments… but you also have to get the word out. And that’s part of the reason I wanted to do a giveaway to celebrate the opening of the brand new WSOTP Shop.

Over the last week, social-network registrations have poured in from regular readers, friends of the blog and newbies a like. And thanks to your shares on Facebook and retweets on Twitter, over 2000 new faces were exposed to the store and WSOTP in general. So mission accomplished on getting the word out, and I thank you all very much for your help.

So with that said, you’re probably wondering which one of those registrants actually one their choice of a shirt from the shop. Having compiled them all in an electronic hopper, I randomly selected the following entrant as the winner of the WSOTP Shop Grand Opening Giveaway…

Dale Hodapp on TwitterA hearty congrats goes out to Dale, who now has the next week to select his shirt design and size. Though judging by the fact that Dale is a Cincinnati native — and big time supporter of all of Cincy’s sports teams — I’d be willing to wager that I already know what design he’s going to pick.

Many thanks again to all those who participated in the competition but didn’t win. Be sure to swing by the WSOTP Shop and order the shirt you would have picked out had you won, and remember $5 from your purchase will go to the US Soccer Foundation to help develop the game here in the States, so you won’t just be donating my weekly meal fund. Also be sure to stay tuned for additional designs being added to the shop in the coming weeks!

And Dale… next time I see you, you best be wearing that shirt, son!

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