ten words or less #77

i’m sure you’re about as interested in hearing my excuses as wayne rooney is in staying at manchester united.

It’s Friday and nearly four days since my last post on the site, so I’m feeling a little panicked. I have four pieces in the works, but all aren’t quite ready for the big time for one reason or another: one needs more research, another needs editing, the next one is still a rough draft and the last one can’t be announced yet. And yes, that last one was hinting at something big to come — so definitely be sure to keep your eyes on this space.

In my defense, I have been really busy with things for the blog. I had to travel up to see Wigan take on the Dayton Dutch Lions, which will result in an article. I also had to conduct a phone interview one night this week, necessary to produce yet another piece in progress. And I also had to play soccer last night… but that’s just so I don’t become fat and die. Nobody would be writing the blog articles here if that hadn’t happened, so technically, it’s still for the blog.

So to buy myself some more time to complete at least one of the articles I’ve got in the pipeline, I present a smattering of my favorite links from the last week.

Wonder what the agent’s cut was for this unorthodox transfer. – goal.com

Sadly, Adidas would never make this cool concept ball. – behance.com

This is clever: a Super Mario ode to Sir Alex. – theoffside.com

This is how you properly breed a supporter. – dirtytackle.net

The new Sacramento USLPRO side branding is sexy as hell. – sacrepublicfc.com

Reddit user digs out a referees rule book from 1919. – reddit.com/u/MashedHair

Office work with Suarez? As bad as you might expect. – youtube.com

Apparently, some pro players are given access to tanks. – espnfc.com

More clubs should go this route with their kits. – footballshirtculture.com

Team Beckham in Miami? Only one way it will work. – miamiherald.com

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