WSOTP pod: episode 3

WSOTP Pod: Season 1 Episode 3

Liverpool's Daniel Sturridge after scoring against Aston Villa
sorry to make you wait daniel: we finally get around to talking about liverpool on episode three of the pod.

With a second week of Premier League fixtures now in the books, D.J. and Jeremy take a look at the results in this week’s edition of the podcast, including: Chelsea’s choice of a false-nine line up against United, Cardiff’s shock result against Manchester City, the protracted Gareth Bale transfer saga, and even — at listener request — Liverpool’s performance against Aston Villa. We’ll also spend some time talking about some quotes from new Columbus Crew owner Anthony Precourt in Sports Illustrated, Dempsey’s home debut in Seattle, another WSOTP Soccer Pub Atlas pub highlight… and even D.J. doing a crap impression of Arsène Wenger.

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