WSOTP pod: episode 8

WSOTP Pod: Season 1 Episode 8

WSOTP Pod Season 1 Episode 8

In case you didn’t already know, WSOTP Pod‘s Jeremy Lance (@JeremyLance) is a Chelsea fan while D.J. Switzer (a.k.a. me and @wrongsideofpond) is a Spurs fan. So this past weekend’s matchup between the two London rivals was also means that this was the first ever WSOTP Pod Derby. And as such, you can expect that Episode 8 of the podcast will spend considerable time on the topic of that match. But we’ll still delve into all of the other weekend happenings in the Premier League, not to mention take a look at many of the interesting story lines as the MLS regular season approaches its end, preview this week’s Champions League fixtures, and highlight a new pub in the WSOTP Soccer Pub Atlas. And pardon our A.D.D. several times throughout the pod, as we were also watching the Crew’s match against FC Dallas while recording.

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