WSOTP pod: episode 10

WSOTP Pod: Season 1 Episode 10

WSOTP Pod - Season 1 Episode 10
after a week off for the international break, the WSOTP pod is back to console you with a terrence boyd-esque hug.

The international break now over for both the world of football and globe-trotting co-host Jeremy Lance, the WSOTP Pod is back to give you a full 90-minute rundown of everything that’s happened in our absence. Of course we’ll talk about said international break — in particular the ridiculousness that was the final moments of the final match day in the Hex — as well as our normal round-up of the weekend’s Premier League action. But you’ll also find a highlight of a Orlando bar in the WSOTP Soccer Pub Atlas Highlight, you’ll get to hear Jeremy try on the Storelli HeadGuard, a short MLS round up (expect more next week after the regular season concludes) and here our thoughts on the lawsuit brought against American Outlaws by Mexican supporters group Pancho Villa’s Army. So buckle up kids, you’ve got a lot in store.

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