WSOTP pod: episode 16

WSOTP Pod: Season 1 Episode 16

Sacked Fulham Manager Martin Jol
five weeks of the pod predicting martin jol would get the axe at fulham, and we finally get it right.

The Thanksgiving Leftovers edition of the WSOTP Pod was every bit as stuffed as you’ve probably felt after stuffing your face full of turkey over the last few days. Not only can you hear Jeremy and D.J.’s exciting holiday recaps, but you can also hear them talk about soccer, too. In store as always is a full synopsis of all of last weekend’s Premier League action — including the guys gushing over Everton’s run of form, everyone’s satisfaction with the draw between United and Spurs, and Martin Jol’s long awaited sacking. You can also expect a rehash of last week’s Champions League action, and a preview of the MLS Cup Final… which you can watch with me on Saturday.

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