on screen debut

Last month, I announced that I — along with my podcast co-host Jeremy Lance — would be joining the Cincinnati Saints media team to do their play-by-play announcing for all of the Saints and Lady Saints matches this coming summer. But a part of the gig that I didn’t make mention of at the time was that I would also be occasionally recording the Saints Sideline Report, which are semi-regular interviews of the players and coaching staff to help the public get better acquainted with the team and club.

And lucky for you, my first contribution to the Saints Sideline Report is now available for your viewing pleasure.

My first stab at the Saints Sideline Report came at the first training session of the year for the Lady Saints, the Saints’ women’s team. And just like the men — who’s first year it will be playing in the NPSL — the Lady Saints will embarking on their first campaign in the WPSL. The Women’s Premier Soccer League, as it’s formally known, is a second division women’s league in the US soccer pyramid.

This being my first time on camera, I was admittedly a bit nervous to record this interview. Many thanks to the ladies that I interviewed for enduring my awkward first takes — especially to Katie Kristy Zwolski for butchering your name on the first take! But all in all, I’d say it was a good first go.

For further viewing enjoyment, you can also catch the first Saints Sideline Reports filmed by my broadcasting partner Jeremy Lance and sideline reporter Amy Hellkamp after the jump.

Up first is my WSOTP Podcast co-host Jeremy Lance interviewing players and coaches from the Men’s Saints tryouts a few weeks back:

And last but not least, sideline reporter Amy Hellkamp beat us both to the punch when she interviewed the Saints players ahead of their PASL playoff match last month:

Be sure to stay tuned for further Saints Sideline Reports and live match commentary in the months to come. And if you want to stay up to date on all things Cincinnati Saints, be sure to subscribe to the Saints YouTube channel.

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