pic of the week 4/7-4/13

Anfield Kop on the 25th Anniversary of the Hillsborough Disaster

As if there could even be any other choice for this week’s “Pic of the Week”, making  the selection for today’s post was only hard in that I needed to find the picture that best captured the incredible moments before kickoff between Liverpool and Manchester City. But having found one that I deemed suitable, I find that it still doesn’t quite do the raw emotion on display at Anfield yesterday justice. This video does a slightly better job of it, but I can only imagine the experience was far more intense in person.

If for some reason you don’t know why the Kop end of Liverpool’s Anfield were putting on such a display ahead of a pivotal top of the table clash, definitely take some time to read up on the Hillsborough Disaster. In short, 96 Liverpool fans lost their lives in a fan crush 25 years ago at Hillsborough Stadium at the start of an FA Cup semifinal match against Nottingham Forest. And while that was more than enough to make it the largest sporting disaster in English football history, the way the authorities and press handled the aftermath was even more disconcerting.

So, unlike most times where a tifo is raised to celebrate the team, this weekend’s display at Liverpool was a tribute to the memory of those 96 fans. And it was for them that Anfield sang so loudly –and sat so quietly — all to commemorate their losses and remind the world that they will never have to walk alone.

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