pic of the week 4/14-4/20

David Moyes meets the Grim Reaper

Poor David Moyes. His Manchester United side — nearly the exact same side that won the title last season by an eleven point gap — have now suffered 10 losses in 22 matches in 2014, have been mathematically eliminated from Champions League contention for next season, and look a broken incompetent side. Worse, the Scotsman was made to suffer a humiliating 0-2 defeat upon Moyes’ return to his former stomping grounds of Goodison Park.

And adding insult to injury, a crafty, potentially clairvoyant Everton supporter might just have served as an early bad omen if the rumors doing the rounds today are to be believed. Either that or the Grim Reaper is actually a Manchester United fan who’s decided enough is enough, and that he needed to take action into his own hands. Unfortunately, we never got to find out, as the Reaper was escorted out of the grounds before he could complete the grizzly deed.

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