pic of the week 8/25-9/1

Alan Irwin Dildo on Transfer Deadline Day

In the long run, despite a record $1.3 billion spent by English Premier League sides during the summer window, yesterday’s Transfer Deadline Day will ultimately be remembered for the almost incomprehensible amount of loan deals hammered out in the dying hours. But even if most moves were loans, we were still treated to the normal imagery of players holding up their new sides’ and grinning for the cameras for so long that their cheeks begin to ache. Too, we got to once again see Harry Redknapp delivering parking lot interviews and dropping quality soundbites. But the most saturated image we were inundated with on Deadline Day — as it has been every year since Sky Sports started ramming it down our throats — is of the grizzled remote reporter standing outside the training ground giving us the minute-by-minute updates on the happenings at clubs around the league.

This season, however, the fans added a little bit more spice to the action. For reasons unknown, the spice added by the fans appeared to be sex toy themed. And in the image above, we see Sky’s Alan Irwin — reporting on Tom Cleverley’s on-again-off-again loan move to Aston Villa — getting a purple “Deadline Day Dildo” in the ear. We’ve got video of it too, just in case you want to take it all in. Elsewhere, a sex doll was tossed at another reporter.

Why sex toys? Who knows. But I laughed on both occasions. Here’s just hoping that supporters continue to up the ante in this January’s window. If they’re in need of ideas in the same genre, perhaps they could hire Wayne Rooney’s famous lady of the night to blow kisses at the camera the entire time.

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